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  • Wendy Corduroy: Okay Boys come with me.
  • Lewis Robinson: Where are We Going?
  • Wendy Corduroy: Where Going to Watch Ralph: Breaks the Internet.
  • Lewis Robinson: Alright! I'm So Happy for Ralph: Breaks the Internet.
  • Henry Evans: Not for Me, Mother, I don't want to watch Ralph: Breaks the Internet, that movie is so boring!
  • Wendy Corduroy: Henry Evans, you are watching Ralph: Breaks the Internet, so watch the movie right now!
  • Henry Evans: No, I want to see Halloweeen (2018).
  • Lewis Robinson: Henry Evans, we are not seeing Halloween (2018), we are seeing Ralph: Breaks the Internet and that's final!
  • Henry Evans: All of you are gay for liking this stupid Disney movie!
  • Lewis Robinson: Henry Evans, you can either behave while we are watching Ralph: Breaks the Internet or nothing at all!
  • Henry Evans: All of you guys! STOP IT! That's really IT! I'm going to shoot the movie theaters with the Machine gun!
  • (Henry Evans laughs)
  • (Henry Evans shoots the movie screen with the Machine Gun)
  • (People screaming and running out of the movie theater)
  • (When they arrived home)
  • Wendy Corduroy: You're grounded for 9 months for shooting the movie theater with the Machine Gun!
  • Lewis Robinson: This means no horror movies, no horror tv series, no horror video games, and you won't be able to see The Good Son Remake when it comes out in theaters!
  • Loki: Go to your room right now and starting tomorrow, you will watch The Lion King on DVD with Shimajirō Shimano and his friends and classmates!


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