Bongo and Gelman-Joey


Mr. Skeens-Simon

Princess Nella-Catherine

King Bob and Mundy-Eric



Herman does a good job, as Skeens gets grounded.


Herman: I am so going to revive my son Bongo after Greg Skeens threw him up to the sun!

At the Graveyard, Herman gets a staff.

Herman: This my chance.

Bongo comes back.

Bongo: Dad, where am I?

Herman: I revived you.

Bongo: Thank you Dad.

Skeens appears angry.

Skeens: Herman, why did you revive Bongo?! You know I had to throw him to the sun because he cheated on Angel!

Bongo: Skeens, how dare you threaten my son?! That's it! I'm dialing your father!

At Skeens' house, Skeens' father scolded him.

Mr. Skeens: Greg, how dare you attempt to kill Bongo?!

Skeens: Dad, I wanted to teach him a lesson!

Mr. Skeens: I don't care! You are grounded grounded grounded for 12 days! Go to your room now!

Later, at Bongo's house.

Herman: Son, what caused you to be a troublemaker and misbehave at fast food places 24/7?

Bongo: Dad, since I dated Princess Nella, she was the one who was causing me to become a troublemaker in the first place. I don't want to be a troublemaker anymore. I'm sorry.

Herman: Apology accepted. I knew Princess Nella was the cause of you being a troublemaker and that's not you. You are now ungrounded. You can do whatever you like. 

Bongo: First, I'm going to do the right thing.

At the park, King Bob and Tara were scared by Princess Nella.

King Bob: Someone save us.

Princess Nella: Absolutely not!

Bongo shows up.

Princess Nella: Bongo, you're just in time. Do you want to help me assault King Bob and Tara?

Bongo: Silence before I break your jaw!

Princess Nella: Excuse me?! You don't EVER threaten to break my jaw! Threaten them, not me!

Bongo: No! Since we met, you've been influencing me to cause trouble! I wish we never met at all!

Princess Nella: Stop being mean to me! You're hurting my feelings!

Bongo: I don't care! This is not who I am and this is not me! We're breaking up! Get out of my sight now!

Princess Nella (running away): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

King Bob: Bongo, thank you for saving us.

Tara: I agree.

Bongo: Thank you.

Later, Princess Nella saw Gelman and Mundy.

Gelman: What's wrong Princess Nella? Why are you crying?

Princess Nella: Gelman, Bongo broke up with me and threatened to break my jaw.

Mundy: This whomps! First Shakira, then Jason, third Mason and now Bongo decided to betray us! When a troublemaker realises what caused him/her to be one, they betray us! This is not fair!

Gelman: I heard that Violy Anderson and her friend Christo are trying to become non-troublemakers because they realise that Jahari and Jane are the cause.

Mundy: Never mind Violy and Christo! I hope we can teach Bongo a lesson for betraying us!

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