This is the aftermath of Mundy makes pizza in the hospital, calls Violy the N-Word and gets grounded.


Bongo: Dad, why are you shocked?

Herman: Because I don't expect you to have a face like that. What was the cause of this?

Bongo: It was from two Third Street School bullies.

Herman: What are their names?

Bongo: Erwin Lawson and Bartholomew Smith. They shot me with a rocket and now I'm a half-faced cyborg.

Herman: Those no good troublemakers. I wish I could file a restraining order. Also, I heard it on the news that a nearby hospital burned down.

Bongo: Dad, I think the cause of that was from Conrad Mundy. He left a pizza in the oven too long but luckily, Violy, Christo and I managed to get out safe and sound. Is there any way to make my face back to normal?

Herman: Yes there is son. Watch. Abracadabra.

Bongo is back to normal.

Bongo: How did you do that?

Herman: Your uncle was a magician. He taught me how to change half-faced cyborg people back to normal.

Bongo: If I were you Dad, I would change YankieDude5000's face back to normal.

Herman: Okay.

Later, as Herman used his magic to change YankieDude5000's face back to normal, he was pleased.

YankieDude5000: Thanks for changing me back to normal. Now I'm healed. 

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