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Hino does a good job. If you don't like Zara Dawson as his reward giver, I respect your opinion. Note: This is the first time Mr. Mundy reveals his full name when he contacts Hino's parents.

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Hino: Conrad, I am so mad at you for being disrespectful to Miss Finster! Even worse, you saluted on Sam Lundquist from Wheel of Fortune! You know Justin Martinez hates him as well as other game show contestants who are between two girls! You are in time out for six weeks! Go to your room now!

(Mundy runs in angry)

Hino: That will show him!

Mundy: Dad, Hino just grounded me all because I disrespected Miss Finster and saluted on one of Justin Martinez's game show contestants he dislikes!

Mr. Mundy: Good! You deserve it! You deserve it for disrespecting your teacher and saluting on Justin's least favorite game show contestants!

Mundy: Dad, Hino is a bad boy as well!

Mr. Mundy: Maybe that was one reason why Hino had to put you in time out for all of the bad things you did to Miss Finster and Justin Martinez! Go to your room now!

Mundy (running upstairs): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Mr. Mundy: Hino, thank you for putting my son in time out. Go home while I dial your parents.

Hino: Thank you!

Mr. Mundy (on phone): Hello, Mike and Debbie Lambert. This is Reginald Mundy speaking. Your son Hino put my son Conrad in time out. Can you please reward him? Okay. Goodbye.

(at home)

Mike: Hino, I am so proud of you for putting Conrad Mundy in timeout. This means you're ungrounded.

Debbie: And as for this, someone will give you $500.

Hino: Who?

Mike: She wears a green tank top, gray pants, and red gloves.

Hino: Is it Zara Dawson?

Mike: That's correct and here she comes.

Zara: Mike and Debbie, I'm here to give your son $500 because he put a Recess bully in timeout. 

Hino: Thanks Mom, Dad and Zara. You're the best.

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