Hustler Kid's Unnamed Father is a one-shot, minor character in Disney's Recess. He is the father of Hustler Kid; he remains unnamed and he only had one appearance, the episode "Parents' Night" (along with several other parents). He is a hustler, like his son; he is seen trying to sell goods.

Voice: Alan


Wife: Hustler Kid's Unnamed Mother

Son: Hustler Kid

Friends: Miss Finster, Principal Prickly, Miss Grotke, Miss Lemon, TJ Detweiler, Vince LaSSao, Ashley Spinelli, Gretchen Grundler, Mikey Blumberg, Gus Griswald, Randall Weems, Menlo and Hustler Kid 

Enemies: Earwin Lawson, Gelman, Conrad Mundy, Greg Skeens, Sue Bob Murphy, Lazy Kid, Chucko Kowalski, Jocko, Buster, Cheay, Koreo and Kurst the Worst 

Likes: Hustling, Smuggling forbidden things in any place

Dislikes: Getting out of business, troublemakers causing trouble (mainly Lawson), being framed by troublemakers and being robbed by troublemakers (mainly Lawson)​​​​​​

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