At Mr Bean's flat, IAmEiji scolded Mr Bean.

IAmEiji: Mr Bean, you are grounded for life! Go to your room now!

Mr Bean went back inside his flat, feeling angry. IAmEiji cheered.

IAmEiji: Yay! I grounded IAmEiji!

Just then, Mr Bean came out with Mrs Wicket.

Mr Bean: There he is, Mrs Wicket! IAmEiji just grounded me!

Mrs Wicket turned angry.

Mrs Wicket: And you deserve it! Mr Bean, you are a very bad man! You tried to hurt Scrapper! Go back inside and go to your room now!

Mr Bean went to his room, screaming in agony.


Mrs Wicket was very pleased with IAmEiji.

Mrs Wicket: IAmEiji, thank you for grounding Mr Bean! He is a bad man, and he always tried to hurt Scrapper! You can go home while I call your parents!

IAmEiji: Thank you, Mrs Wicket!

Mrs Wicket picked up a phone and phoned IAmEiji's parents.

Mrs Wicket: Hello, IAmEiji's parents! Your son just grounded Mr Bean. Why? Because Mr Bean tried to hurt Scrapper, and he deserved to be grounded by your son.

IAmEiji's dad: Mr Bean tried to hurt Scrapper?

IAmEiji's mum: Oh boy, he is so grounded! Thanks for telling us!

Mrs Wicket: You're welcome!

Mrs Wicket put down the phone.

Back home, IAmEiji's parents were proud of IAmEiji.

IAmEiji's dad: IAmEiji, thank you for grounding Mr Bean! He deserved it because he tried to hurt Scrapper.

IAmEiji's mum: You are now ungrounded. You can do whatever you want.

IAmEiji: Thank you, mum and dad.


Paul as IAmEiji

Professor as Mr Bean

Salli as Mrs Wicket

Eric as IAmEiji's dad

Julie as IAmEiji's mum

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