The Ice Age Baby (I get his name is Roshan but IDFC) is the absolute worst human being to ever be shat on the planet, worse than Hitler.

Why He Absolutely FUCKING SUCKS!!!!! Edit

  1. He was born after 1993, meaning he can't cook. All he knows is McDonald's, charge they phone, twerk, be bisexual, eat hot chip & lie.
  2. He assassinated John F. Kennedy.
  3. He created the "Ok boomer" meme.
  4. He raped Sid the sloth on screen.
  5. He did 9/11 and framed Bush.
  6. He founded PeTA and framed a woman named Ingrid Newkirk.
  7. He raped many women.
  8. He assaulted the elderly.
  9. He caused the Holocaust.
  10. He bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  11. He works with the Ballas.
  12. He burned down Notre Dame.
  13. He burned down Kyoto Animation.
  14. He's worse than Satan.
  15. He's the reason why anti-heroes exist.
  16. He created COVID-19 and blamed China.
  17. He's ugly.
  18. He created North Korea.
  19. He likes Cats, 13 Reasons Why, mother!, and Instant Family.
  20. He caused the Ice Age franchise to decline in quality.
  21. He made Grust go insane and torture every admin on Crappy Games Wiki.
  22. He was responsible for the collapse of the Soviet Union.
  23. He sunk the Titanic.
  24. He's an ally of Nazi Germany.
  25. He founded the Ku Clucks Klan
  26. He works with the Outcast Network.
  27. He shot up the Orlando Nightclub.
  28. He's extremely homophobic.
  29. Has not yet been caught.
  30. He doesn't stan TWICE.
  31. No redeeming qualities whatsoever.
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