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Ike (FE9 Artwork).png

Voice: Simon

Crying Voice: Xander, Dutch

Likes: An American Tail, Super Smash Bros, The Super Mario Show, Sailor Moon, Inuyasha, The Great Mouse Detective, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, My Little Pony, Dr. Seuss, The Rescuers, Once Upon a Forest, Ponyo, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Lady and The Tramp, The Princess and The Frog, Aristocats, 101 Dalmatians, Marry Poppins, The Andy Griffith Show, I Love Lucy, Getting Ungrounded, Healthy Foods (Most of the Time), Junk Food, The Card Captor Sakura, Captain N: The Game Master, Roblox, Minecraft, Fire Emblem, Once Upon a Time, Beauty and The Beast, Cinderella, Aladdin, The Lion King, Hercules, Kid Icarus, Yoshi's Story, Kitty Cow25, WeatherStar4000Video, YankeeDude5000, SuperSmashBros.Fanatic 2005, Vincent, Intellistar2020, etc.

Dislikes: Getting grounded, troublemakers, bad users, UTTP members, racism, porn, profanity, The Emoji Movie, Johnny Test, Gore, being insulted, etc.

Video Game: Fire Emblem