Ike And Lyndis Hates Dark Bowser, They Transformed Into A Legendary Heroes.

Cast Edit

  • Ike:Joey
  • Lyndis:Emma
  • Dark Bowser:Alan
  • Ice Peach:Julie
  • Marth:Paul
  • Hector:Eric
  • Lucina:Kendra

Transcript (Ike And Lyndis Has A Plan To Kill Dark Bowser) Edit

Ike:Man, We Hate Dark Bowser Because He Is A Big Time Troublemaker, What Should We Do Lyndis?

(Lyndis Has A Phone Call From Ice Peach)

Lyndis:Hello? Is That Ice Peach? The Mother Of Dark Bowser!?

Ice Peach (In Call):Yes Indeed, Can You Kill My Son Pls For His Causing Trouble.

Lyndis:Yes, We're Our Way

Lyndis:Ike, We Have A Plan

Ike:What Is It Lyn?

Lyndis:We Are Going To Kill Dark Bowser.

Ike:Good Idea, Lyndis

Transcript 2 (In Dark Bowser's House) Edit

(At Dark Bowser's House)

Ice Peach:Dark Bowser! I Have A Phone Call From Lyndis Today.

Dark Bowser:What Is It Mom?

Ice Peach:They Said She And Ike Will Kill You For Causing Trouble.

Dark Bowser:WHAT!


Transcript 3 (Ike And Lyndis Kills Dark Bowser) Edit

Ike:Come Closer Dark Bowser, We Are Going To Kill You!


Lyndis:Too Late For You

(Ike And Lyndis Stabs Dark Bowser For Good)

Ice Peach:Whoa, Ike And Lyndis, Thanks For Killing My Son, He Deserves It, I Will Call Marth About This.

Transcript 4 (Ike And Lyndis Gets Rewarded) Edit

(After Ice Peach Calls Marth, Lucina, and Hector)

Hector:Ike And Lyndis, Thank You For Killing Dark Bowser, He Deserves It, Well Done Heroes

Marth:Your Ungrounded Forever, As A Reward, You Are Hangout With Azura Along With Lucina

Ike:Wow, Thanks Hector, Marth, and Lucina, You're The Best

Lucina: No Problem.

Stay tuned for the sequel Phineas T. Ratchet Pushes Ike and Lyndis Off the Rooftop / Grounded

Trivia Edit

  • Ike Can Use His Radiant Dawn Outfit Instead Of Path Of Radiance Outfit
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