Jack Torrance Had To Revive Dark Bowser Because Ike And Lyndis Kills Dark Bowser For Good And Then, He Got Doomed By AnimeGirrll And Ike


  • Jack Torrance:James
  • Ike:Joey
  • Lyndis:Emma
  • Hector (Fire Emblem):Eric
  • Marth:Paul
  • AnimeGirrll:Salli
  • Lucina:Kendra
  • Ice Peach:Julie

Transcript (Jack Torrance Revives Dark Bowser)Edit

Jack Torrance:I'm Going To Revive Dark Bowser For Being Killed By Ike And Lyndis!

(Jack Torrance Revives Dark Bowser)

Dark Bowser:Wow Thank You For Revive Me, Jack Torrance.

Jack Torrance:Your Welcome

(Ice Peach Appears)

Ice Peach:OH(x15) Jack Torrance, How Dare You Revive Dark Bowser, Thats It, I'm Calling AnimeGirrll And Ike About This.Go Home Right Now! And Ask For You Dark Bowser, Your Grounded For Being Revive, When We Go Home, You Are Going To Your Room And Force You To Watch Non-Baby Shows Forever!

Transcript 2 (Jack Torrance Gets In Trouble)Edit

Ike:Jack Torrance, How Dare You Revive Dark Bowser, You Know He Is A Big Troublemaker!

AnimeGirrll:Thats It, We Will Suffocate You With Our Choking Powers!

Jack Torrance:Gah! Stop Choking Me!

Lucina/Marth/Hector/Lyndis:Don't Let Your Kids Watch This Video!

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