It was an amazing evening in Lakeside Cinema where the Monsters and Humans watching The Land Before Time, But Jack and Annie was Not behaving because The Land before time is non pornographic. The Scene Reaches the saddest death of the Land Before time history, The Death of Littlefoot's Mother, which will cause Mahiru Kasumi to Devestated over the death of Littlefoot's Mother, which will cause Jack and Annie to be happy, so they called her crybaby and Sprayed her with her crybaby gas, which will cause her to flood the whole Lakeside Cinema while they broke the film projector. Therefore, Jack and Annie get's Doomed and Taken away by Alucard (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang) and Miya for what they done. After that, Aine Yūki confronts her by lotionizing her feet and legs with lotion, Trimming up her nails, cleaning her nails, filing up her nails with nail filers, Sticking toe separators between her toes, paint her nails with nail polish, put an anklet around her right ankle, placing her cockatrice tattoo on her right instep and a toe ring on her right toe, Tickling her to cheer her up, and a Bedtime leg and foot massage.


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