This is a grounded video by HectorHeathcoteFan2006. Cool McCool is better than SMRTHFG.


  • Joey as Jack in the Box.
  • Eric as Victor Braun and Cool McCool.
  • Ivy as Friday and Mimirin.


[We see Jack in the Box angry at Victor]

Jack: Victor, how dare you tell Friday on the Rattler! That does it! I am going to beat you up!

Victor: Please no, Jack! Please do not beat me up! 

[Jack starts to beat up Victor and the action was censored]

Victor: Someone help me! Help! Friday! Help! HELP!!

[Friday appeared and stopped Jack, and she was angry]

Friday: Jack, how dare you beat up Victor? Look at his eye! It's bleeding! That does it! Go home right now while i call Cool!

Jack: (running away in Johnny Test's voice) Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

[At home]

[Cool was mad with Jack]

Cool: Jack, how dare you beat up Victor? He was a good 26 year old Gestapo officer! That does it! You are grounded until the 30th anniversary of Mulan! Your punishment was to get beaten up by Mimirin! Mimirin, beat up Jack!

[The Dramatic Bert sound plays and Mimirin appears angry]

Mimirin: That's what you get for beating Victor! Prepare for some bleeding!

Jack: Mimirin, no! Do not beat me up!

Mimirin: Too bad!

[Mimirin beats up Jack and the action was censored]

Cool: I hate him.

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