Jacob and Lawson-Eric

Mr. Lawson-Wiseguy



This takes place right after Lawson made the video out of King Bob.

Transcript Edit

Jacob: Erwin, I am so disappointed you made a grounded video out of King Bob! Now you got him sent to the insane hospital! You are grounded grounded grounded for 2 days! Go to your room now!

(Lawson runs in angry)

Jacob: That will show him!

Lawson: Dad, Jacob Armstrong just grounded me all because I made a grounded video out King Bob!

Mr. Lawson: And you deserve it! You deserve it for making a grounded video out of King Bob and I'm not the one you need to aplogize to...

Lawson (cutting his father off): need to apolgize to King Bob!

Mr. Lawson: Did you just take the words out of my mouth?

Lawson: That's because I knew you were going to tell me to apologize to King Bob.

Mr. Lawson: That's exactly what I was about to tell you! Go to your room now!

Lawson (walking in): Fine!

Mr. Lawson: Jacob Armstrong, thank for grounding my son. Go home and make your sister proud.

(at home)

Erika: Jacob, even though I got grounded for being ungrounded by Gelman after I blamed Paulina, I got a call from Fred Lawson that you grounded his son Erwin. Is this true?

Jacob: Yes it is and are you here to unground me?

Erika: That's right. Mom and Dad are at work and your brother Tim is at swim class. You can hang out with Zoey whenever you like.

Jacob: Thanks Erika. You're the best sister ever.

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