Dr. Jacques von Hämsterviel is a major antagonist of the Lilo & Stitch franchise, becoming so after the events of the original film. In Stitch! The Movie, he is introduced and hires Gantu to track down his former partner Jumba Jookiba, whose experiments he funded. This leads to the events of the original series.

Dr. Hamsterviel

Voice: Eric

Friends: Gantu and Reuben

Likes: Galactic domination and supremacy, getting what he wants, insulting everyone (especially Gantu), his army of Leroys, the color red and Gantu behaving well

Dislikes: Gantu's bad behaviour, Gantu making trouble, BSOD, getting fired from work, Gantu going to Japan instead of school, Gantu watching South Park, Gantu watching innapropriate movies including South Park: Longer, Bigger and Uncut and being being fun of getting fired by Gantu, Gantu killing his favourite TV characters especially Cookie Monster, prison, not getting what he wants, losing or being defeated, Gantu failing him, being mistaken for or called a gerbil or rabbit, his name being mispronounced, the color blue and Lilo and Stitch

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