Mr. Dallas-himself






Jade gets in big trouble.


(at the Mario Enemies School)

Mr. Dallas: Fluttershy106, since I got a phone call from Principal Prickly telling me that your job at the Third Street School has gone downhill, I think I should hire you to substitute for Principal Eric.

Me: Wait?! How did you know?!

Mr. Dallas: Apparently, Dark Bowser, Phineas T Ratchet and their friends made a grounded series out of Principal Eric. His rage got him sent to the insane hospital, so I would like you to help him. 

Me: That's reminds me when Sue Bob Murphy, a former Third Street School student made a video out of me, I couldn't keep it together so I ended up in the insane hospital too. Fortunately, King Bob took me to a therapist so I wouldn't rage at anyone.

Mr. Dallas: Take it from here.

(back in class)

Mr. Dallas: Okay class, it's time to learn about the Slave Trade.

Jade: I would like to ask you a question.

Mr. Dallas: What is it?

Jade: Why didn't Mario wash the dishes?

Mr. Dallas: Why?

Jade: Because he was a chubby ginger like you! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Mr. Dallas: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! How dare you tell a dirty joke about me?! That's it! Principal's office now!

(in office)

Jade: Fluttershy106, why are you in Principal Eric's office?

Me: Principal Prickly said it wasn't worth it substituting for him at the Third Street School. Also, Dark Bowser and Phineas T Ratchet along with some other friends made a grounded series out of Principal Eric. His rage was so intense he got sent to the insane hospital. Anyways, what landed you here this time?

Jade: I told a dirty joke to Mr. Dallas.

Me: Jade, we don't tell dirty jokes in school! That's it! You're suspended for 12 days! Get out now!

(at home)

Russell: Jade, how dare you tell a dirty joke to Mr. Dallas?! You know that you're not supposed to do that at all!

Kendra: Your father's right, young lady! Telling a dirty joke to someone is not funny!

Jade: Mom and Dad, I'm sorry.

Russell: No! Your sorry doesn't cut the cheese! You're grounded grounded grounded for 12 days!

Kendra: That's right, young lady! You're grounded and that's final! Now go upstairs to your room or else we will send you to Norway!

(Jade runs upstairs crying in Federica's voice, Italian)

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