Jakir-Lee, Joey

Dottie-Serena, Shy Girl

Breana-Samantha, Shy Girl

Ruby and Sapphire-Shy Girl



Cody, Toby and Ollie-Justin


Agnes and Doris-Julie


Emily and Violy-Amy







Note: Jakir, Dottie and Breana are voiced by Lee, Serena and Samantha because they're ghosts. Their voices are back to normal when their parents change them back. Anyways, this takes place right after Gelman killed the 12 Anderson kids.


(at the graveyard, Jakir, Dottie and Breana's ghosts rise up)

Jakir: Dottie, can you hear me?

Dottie: Yes Jakir. I can hear you.

Breana: This is great.

Jakir: My voice is deep because I'm a ghost.

Dottie: Same here because I'm a ghost.

Breana: We're all ghosts.

Jakir: The reason why we're ghosts is because Lawson and Gelman kidnapped us and melted us down into meat.

Dottie: I hope our older sister Violy respects our opinion when we revive the 11 characters that have been killed by Gelman.

Jakir: You mean Daisy, Cody, Lily, Emily, Hannah, Sapphire, Agnes, Amanda, Toby, Ollie and Ruby Anderson?

Dottie: That's them.

Breana: Let's revive them.

(15 minutes later)

Daisy: Hooray! I'm revived.

Cody: Me too.

Lily: Me 3.

Emily: Me 4.

Hannah: Me 5.

Sapphire: Me 6.

Agnes: Me 7.

Amanda: Me 8.

Toby: Me 9.

Ollie: Me 10.

Ruby: Me 11.

Jakir: Even though we were ghosts, we still revived you all.

(Boris and Doris appear)

Boris: Jakir, Dottie and Breana, did you just revive our kids who were killed by Gelman?

Jakir: We did.

Dottie: Even though we're ghosts, we still managed to revive them.

Breana: Please, don't call our parents to ground us.

Doris: We're not calling your parents to ground you. We're calling them to reward you for reviving our kids.

Jakir: Thank you.

Boris (on phone): Hello Brian, Emma and Simon, your kids just revived our kids. Please unground them when they get home. Thanks and goodbye.

(at the Anderson residence)

Brian Anderson: Jakir and Dottie, we are so proud of you reviving Daisy, Cody, Lily, Emily, Hannah, Sapphire, Agnes, Amanda, Toby, Ollie and Ruby Anderson. You both are now ungrounded.

Violy: Jakir and Dottie, I didn't like Daisy, Cody, Lily, Emily, Hannah, Sapphire, Agnes, Amanda, Toby, Ollie and Ruby Anderson, but since you revived them I respect your opinion.

Emma Anderson: Violy, you are also ungrounded for respecting your siblings' opinion.

Brian Anderson: And Jakir and Dottie, as a reward, you will be back to normal.

Jakir (Joey's voice): Hooray! I am not a ghost anymore and I got my old voice back!

Dottie (Shy Girl's voice): Same here! I am not a ghost anymore and I got my old voice back!

(at the Parkson residence)

Simon: Breana, I got a call from Boris and Doris Anderson. They told me you revived their kids after they were killed by Gelman. Is this true?

Breana: Yes, I did.

Simon: Thank you for reviving the Anderson kids. 

Miguel: I respect your opinion on them even though I don't like them.

Simon: Miguel, you are also ungrounded for respecting your sister's opinion.

Miguel: Thank you.

Simon: And Breana, your reward will be you will back to normal.

Breana (Shy Girl's voice): Hooray! I'm no longer a ghost and my voice is back the way it is! Thank you so much! You're the best!

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