Gelman's dad and Jason's dad-Simon

Gelman and Elias' dad-Joey

Elias' mom-Kate


This takes place right after Ivy ungrounded Gelman.


Jason: Gelman, I am so disappointed with you after you got ungrounded by my mom! 

Elias: Same here! You should stop trying to do harm to TJ and the Gang! You are grounded grounded grounded for 3 days! Go to your room now!

(Gelman runs in angry)

Jason: Yes! We ungrounded Gelman!

Elias: Because we did it together!

Gelman: Dad, Jason and Elias just grounded me!

Gelman's dad: Good! You deserve it for being ungrounded by Jason's mother! Go to your room now!

(Gelman runs inside crying)

Gelman's dad: Guys, thank you for grounding my son. Go home now.

(at Jason's house)

Simon: Jason, even though your mother is still grounded and upstairs in her room, I got a call from Gelman's dad. He told me you grounded his son along with your friend Elias. Is this true?

Jason: Yes. It is.

Simon: Jason, words cannot even begin to describe how pride I am in you. You are now ungrounded. You can do whatever you like.

(at Elias' house)

Joey: Elias, we are so proud of you for grounding Gelman with your friend Jason. You are ungrounded forever.

Kate: This means you can hang out with Andrea whenever you like.

Elias: Two things. Number one. Is Andrea still grounded?

Kate: Afraid so. Why? Because her father doesn't like any Recess bully including Erwin Lawson ungrounding her.

Elias: But Erwin was trying to do the right thing after her brother Codi talked smack to her. The other thing that I'm most concerned about is that how did you become my mom on the day I stole a magazine from the store?

Kate: Elias, your father was single until I married him 3 months ago.

Elias: I hope my friend Kenneth can get a mother real soon.

Kate: How?

Elias: Because his father is single also.

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