• Jay: Skunk, how dare you make your show appear on Hulu? That's it! You're grounded for tranquility! Go to your room now and I wish you were killed by Wampa!
  • (Skunk runs in angry)
  • Jay: Yes! I grounded Skunk!
  • Skunk: There he is, Po! The Jetix mascot just grounded me!
  • (The Red Death then gets mad at Skunk as Jay laughs at him getting grounded)
  • The Red Death: That's right, he grounded you because you made your show appear on Hulu for no reason! Also, the reason why he wished you killed by Wampa is because you're the worst character ever! (to Jay) As for you, Jay, you better get out of here and head home because I'm going to get the Freedom League Guards to arrest him!
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