Jock is the main protagonist of the Jock Gets Grounded series who was created by The FunEditor4. The first episode of the series is "Jock Gets Sent To Bed Early." He has a brother who has been fostered by his parents named Rockerson, he has a girlfriend named Leslie, and he has parents named David Sanderz and Callie Ginger. Alan is his arch-nemesis.  The Old Comedy World version of Jock May 2013 - October 2015


  • Gender: Male
  • Hair color: Golden Brown
  • Age: 14-16 (in the events of the series)
  • 21 (Current logical age)
  • Occupation: High School student (in the events of the series)
  • College Student (after the events of the series)
  • Family: David Sanderz (father, later divorced)
  • Callie Ginger (mother)
  • Kayla (adopted sister, later left the family)
  • Rockerson (adopted brother, left following the divorce between David and Callie)
  • Voice: PaulThe original Jock (November/December 2012-May 2013
  • First Appearance: Jock Gets Sent To Bed Early

Extra informationEdit

  • Likes: Batman: Beyond
  • Hates: Teletubbies
  • Friends: Kate (AnimeCat9000, former girlfriend) Leslie (girlfriend), Brian (adamkleinschmidt2003), and Eric (mrlegofan404)
  • Enemies: Alan (bully), Catherine (2nd bully), Calum1998, and Kim (Alan’s girlfriend).

Adult VersionEdit


Jock was born in 1998 at his own house in New York City. He lives with his parents, whose names are David Sanderz and Callie Ginger. He lived a great life with parents for the first three years. But on September 11, 2001, when Jock was 3, his parents were rumored to be killed when the South Tower of the WTC collapsed. Jock, in a heartbeat, ran away from home and lived in Los Angeles, California with a kind guy. But two months later, Police officials have reported that they left the South tower a moment after the North tower got damaged. Jock was so happy to know that his parents were still alive, that he went home. At that moment, the family decided to move to Los Angeles, California. When he was 4, he made some good friends in school, such as Brian. Overall, he lived a great life. That was when he was 13, Alan got him in trouble for the first time when he threw a dodgeball at his gym teacher. He got suspended for 10 days and got grounded at the same time. All of this has led to the events of, "Jock Gets Sent To Bed Early," when Jock was 14.


This character was originally created to be Doctor McCoy from Star Trek, but following the takedown of the Star Trek Quogs theme and the cancellation of FunEditor4's Star Trek Fanimated series, this character has his voice and name changed into another grounded video character.

Because of his love for Raiders Of The Lost Ark, he named this character after the pilot Indiana Jones flew with after failing to retrieve the golden idol from the Indians in South America.

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