Jock's mom-Callie

Ashley A-Emma

Ashley B-Amy

Ashley Q-Allison

Ashley T-Salli

Mrs Armbruster-Kate



This happened right after the Ashleys taunted at Santa Claus.


Callie: Man, I can't believe my favorite Recess characters the Ashleys got grounded. I will go and unground them.


Callie: Ashley A, Ashley B, Ashley Q, and Ashley T, you all are ungrounded forever. You can do what you want.

Ashley A: Yes!

Ashley B: We can't wait!

Callie: Yes! I ungrounded the Ashleys.

Ashley Q: Mom, Callie just ungrounded us.

Ashley: T: She said we could do anything we want.

All Ashleys: Scandalous!

Mrs Armbruster: No! Don't listen to what Callie Ginger says! Don't ever listen to her! You four are still grounded for taunting at Santa Claus! And Callie, if I were you, I would get out of my sight!

(at home)

Jock: Mom, what has gotten into you?! Have you lost your mind?!

Callie: Excuse me?! You don't ever talk to your mother like that!

Jock: About that, I just got a phone call from Mrs. Ambruster! She told me you ungrounded her daughters! You know they were still grounded for taunting at Santa Claus!

Callie: But Jock, I like the Ashleys and they were my favorite Recess characters. I'm sorry.

Jock: Do you think an apology would work?! Well it doesn't! You're grounded grounded grounded for 17 days! Good thing Mrs. Armbruster didn't call the police or else you would have been grounded for 34 days! Go to your room right now and I'll tell Dad what your punishment will be!

Callie (running upstairs): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Jock: Before I wrap up this video, I just want to tell you that I got plastic surgery to make myself look and sound like an adult. What will my mom's punishment be? Find out next time. This is Jock signing off.

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