Johnny Test: I hate Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts! they are the worst Anime characters i know i'll get them arrested but first i'll throw this Moca Cola can.

(Johnny Test throws Moca Cola on the ground)

Ash Ketchum: Hey who littered that?, I Would never little like that.

Sora: Me either.

Officer Jenny: You are under arrest for littering the Moca Cola!

Ash Ketchum: But We Didn't Do It We Saw it Laying on the Ground.

Sora: It's True Officer Jenny.

Police Officer: I don't care now Get in the car!

(in jail)

Officer Jenny: This is your cell! You will stay there for 200 days!

Ash Ketchum: I can't believe I got arrested Now my Family is Going to Kill me.

Sora: Even Worst Aqua, Terra & Ventus is going to kill me.

Ash Ketchum: Wait a minute, it was Johnny Testy who littered the Moca Cola and got us arrested!

Sora: Are you Sure?

Ash Ketchum Yes, I am so telling That Officer the Truth, Hey Officer!

Officer Jenny: What is It?

Gumball Watterson: We took a closer look at the Moca Cola on the Sidewalk and Framed Us!

Officer Jenny: My Mistake You're Free to Go!

(at home)

Ash Ketchum: Hey Mr. Test!

Sora: Why do you Think it's funny to have us Arrested?

Johnny Test: Um because you're doing it to Protect Dexter from Me.

Ash Ketchum: Correct and because of that my Mom will find out you framed Us.

Sora: Yeah, and Aqua too!

Samus: Boys what are doing in our house.

Sora: Johnny Test got us Arrested for littering Moca Cola on the Street!

Samus: Johnny! how dare you Get Ash Ketchum and Sora arrested that's it you're grounded until Sora has a TV Show and of Course MLP:FIM gets Cancelled go upstairs now!

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