Skunk: Today is the day Halloween (2018) is at the Cinema.

Johnny Test: My Injoy Seeing Halloween (2018) with you Skunk?

Skunk: Of Course!

Cinema Ticket Manager: Welcome to Odeon Cinema. Which film would you like to see today?

Johnny Test; We would like 2 tickets to see Halloween (2018), plus 2 bags of popcorn and 2 cups of Pepsi please.

Cinema Ticket Manager: OK. Here you go, you two.

[The Cinema Ticket Manager hands out 1 bag of popcorn and 1 cup of pepsi each to Skunk and Johnny Test]

Skunk: Thanks.

[Cut to: Skunk and Johnny Test in the cinema seats.]

Ratso Catso: Thomas and Chloe, what are you two doing here?

[After the commercials and trailers]

Cinema Manager: The movie is starting. Enjoy the film.

[After the movie]

[Cut to: Skunk and Johnny outside Odeon Cinema]

Skunk: That was a good movie.

Johnny Test: Agree.

The Red Death: Skunk!

Skunk: Uh Oh! It's The Red Death!

Samus: Johnny!

Johnny Test: It's My Adopted Mother we're really Busted.

Samus Aran: That's Right You and Skunk went to See Halloween (2018) We're Going Home and You'll get grounded.

Johnny Test: NNNNOOOO!!!!

The Red Death: As for you Skunk you went to See Halloween (2018) while grounded that's it We're going home and you'll be grounded.

Skunk: NNNOOOO!!!!!

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