Characters Edit

Ka-Chung (Callie)

Custard (Jennifer)

Plot Edit

Since Ratchet melted Custard into next season's upgrades, Ka-Chung decides to unmelt him.

Transcript Edit

Ka-Chung: Oh my God! I can't believe Ratchet melted my best friend Custard into next season's upgrades! What should I do? I got it! I'll unmelt him so he'll come back to life. First, I'll go to the chop shop.

(at the chop shop)

Ka-Chung: Now to unmelt Custard with the lightning strike.

(Ka-Chung summons a lightning strike and zaps the melted Custard which unmelts him)

Custard: Hey! I'm back to life! What happened?

Ka-Chung: I unmelted you because Ratchet melted you into next season's upgrades!

Custard: Really? Thank you so much! Now I'm alive again.

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