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Henry: Please give it up for

Henry and June: Beetlejuice And Lydia!

(Everyone cheering)

Beetlejuice: We take what we want.

We do anything that we wish.

We got no respect.

For animal birdy or fish.

Lydia Deetz: The grass does not grow.

On the places where we stop and stand.

Beetlejuice And Lydia Deetz: River Bottom Nightmare Band.

Lydia Deetz: We know we're a mess.

Beetlejuice: But I does not like to be clean.

Beetlejuice And Lydia Deetz: We don't brush our teeth.

Lydia Deetz: 'Cause our toothache can help us stay mean.

Beetlejuice: We don't wish to learn.

Lydia Deetz: But we hate what we don't understand.

Beetlejuice: River Bottom.

Lydia Deetz: When you see us comin'.

You better startin' runnin'.

We're always startin' trouble.

Beetlejuice: And we're happiest when things are outta hand.

Rivers are for boilin'.

Parties are for spoilin'.

Beetlejuice And Lydia Deetz: We either like to sit and pout.

Or else go out and terrorize our land.

Beetlejuice: River Bottom Nightmare Band.

Beetlejuice And Lydia Deetz: We laugh in your face.

Lydia Deetz: Or we practice our growl and our sneer.

Beetlejuice: We break up your place.

Lydia Deetz: We are dangerous when we are near.

Beetlejuice: And when we are done with our song.

Lydia Deetz: Who will get the biggest hand? Who?

Beetlejuice: River Bottom Nightmare Band!

Beetlejuice And Lydia Deetz: River Bottom Nightmare Band!

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