The episode was released in 2018

Transcript Edit

Henry: please welcome our musical guest who does the role of natalie bitzblock, Mya Lecior-Nayer With Millie inbetween stars Theo Stevenson And Millie innes with the so awkward, the next step and 4 o clock club!

(Everybody Cheering)

Mya Lecior-Nayer: Find a shirt

Pick out your clothes

Put on your pants

Now you;'re ready to go

Let's put on our Clothes

and Brush our hair

It's important to wear a hat

And zip your coat, that is that

Put on your pants

Not a pair of stinky shoes

Put on your glasses if you have any

And put on a scarf if it's cold

Stomp your feet

And clap your hands

And now it's time to play with friends

They're all dressed too!

Now put on your clothes every day until you say

June: I'm ready!

(audience cheering)

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