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Kal does a good job.


Kal: Man, I can't believe my girlfriend Anastasia got sent to the mental people's homes for no reason! Let's recap of what happened so far! First, Gelman ungrounded my enemy Yight and then Yight got regrounded! Then, when Mundy tried to push me off the rooftop, my girlfriend saved me and also when Clyde tried to push me in the crocodile pit! I'm going to save her!

(at the mental people's homes)

Anastasia: Can anyone help me?

Kal: It's me, Kal Roderick. I'm here to save you.

Anastasia: Thank you.

Tina: Hold it right there!

Anastasia: Before you send me back, my father wasn't the one who called you in the first place, it was Erwin Lawson.

Lawson: What?!

Tina: Erwin, so you were the one who was behind this?!

Lawson: I was.

Tina: How dare you send Kal's girlfriend to the Mental People's homes?! That's it! You're staying there forever!

(at the Lawson residence)

Mr. Lawson: Kal, since your parents, Dan and Candy are shopping and your house is next door, I will unground you instead for sending my son to the Mental People's homes and for freeing your girlfriend.

Kal: Thanks Mr. Lawson and if they do come back, will they take me to Peter Piper Pizza?

Mr. Lawson: You'll see.

(back at the Mental People's Homes)

Lawson: This is great! It's so frustrating and humiliating that my plans backfire every time!

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