King Bob-Eric


Derek's dad-Alan

King Bob's mom-Kimberly


This is the sequel to Zack draw the Big Fat Meanie.


King Bob: Man, I can't believe Zack Dawson got in trouble for drawing the Big Fat Meanie! Wait! A! Minute! Derek did it! I'm going to get revenge!

(at Derek's house)

King Bob: Derek! You! Got! Zack! In! Trouble!

Derek: That's because drawing the Big Fat Meanie to get Derek in trouble was just a...

King Bob: Don't say it! I know your plans! Your plans to get Zack in trouble whomp!

Derek: So does Kelly and Tara!

King Bob: Hey! Take that back! You don't EVER say Zack or my girlfriend whomps!

Derek: Chill out! I was only trying to be funny!

(King Bob punches Derek in the nose)

Derek: Robert, how could you?!

(King Bob punches Derek in the nose again)

King Bob: That's for getting Zack in trouble and for calling me by my given name! Only my parents are allowed to call me by my given name, not you! You're only a troublemaker and your girlfriend Shakira whomps!

Derek: How could you say that about my girlfriend?! Also, this was supposed to be  a secret and private joke and now you're taking it seriously!

King Bob: I always take all the stunts you pull seriously!

Derek's dad: What's wrong Derek? Why are you crying?

Derek: Robert Cartwright AKA King Bob punched me in the nose and gave me a nosebleed all because I got Zack in trouble! He also said my girlfriend Shakira whomps!

Derek's dad: Good! You deserve it for doing horrible things to Zack! Go to your room while I call the bus to take you to Toontown!

(Derek leaves crying)

Derek's dad: Thank you for getting revenge on my son. I will dial your mom. (on phone) Hello, if this is Victoria Cartwright, then your son just gave my son Derek a nosebleed. Unground him when  he comes home. Thanks. Goodbye.

(at King Bob's house)

Victoria: Robert, I am so proud of you for punching Derek in the nose. He is worse than Gelman, Mundy, Lawson, Clyde and the other bullies. You are now ungrounded forever. You can hang out with Tara whenever you like. 

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