King Bob-Eric





King Bob gets ungrounded.


King Bob: Man! I hate Gelman so much! He always makes fun of my sceptres! That's it! I'm going to give him a nosebleed!

Gelman comes in.

King Bob: Gelman, how dare you make fun of my sceptres including Jordan and Jerome?! Also, you make fun of Ashley A who substitutes for me! That's it! I'm going to give you a nosebleed!

King Bob does it and the action is censored.

King Bob: That's what you get!

Gelman: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! King Bob, how dare you give me a nosebleed?! That's it! I'm taking you to your parents!

(After Gelman took King Bob home)

Gelman: And this is what happened! End of story!

Jason: Gelman, your story was lame!

Gelman: What?! How could you say a bad comment about my story?!

Jason: About when my son gave you a nosebleed?! That's why I disliked your story! 

Gelman: He should be punished for that!

Victoria: Too bad! Only good people are allowed to tell their stories of why they get others like you in trouble, not you! You are only a troublemaker! 

Jason: I agree with my wife! Get out of our property right now before I call the police on you!

Gelman (running outside): Fine! I'm coming but don't call the police on me!

Jason: Robert, we are so proud of you for giving Gelman a nosebleed.

Victoria: You are now ungrounded. You can do whatever you want. 

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