King Bob and Lawson-Eric

King Bob's mom-Kimberly

Rachel Hart-Julie


King Bob gets rewarded.


King Bob: Hi, I'm Robert, also known as King Bob and today I'm going to interrupt Lawson and Rachel Hart's date. Here we go in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Surprise you stupid losers!

Lawson: King Bob, how dare you interrupt our date?!

Rachel Hart: We're taking you home right now!

(at home)

King Bob's mom: So Robert, why are you here and why are Erwin and Rachel here?

Lawson: Here's why! He went to Red Lobster and interrupted our date!

Rachel: Can you please ground him?

King Bob's mom: Absolutely not! 

Lawson: Why?

Rachel: How would he feel if we ruined his date with Tara?!

King Bob's mom: First of all, my son has the right to interrupt your date because you're the worst couple ever! Second of all, I will not punish him! And lastly, I suggest that you both get out of my house before I call in Jordan, Jerome and Trumpet Boy to force you!

Lawson (while exiting with Rachel): Okay, we're leaving.

King Bob's mom: And for you, Robert, you are now ungrounded for interrupting Erwin Lawson and Rachel Hart's date. Feel free to hang out with your sceptres.

King Bob: Thanks Mom. You're the best.

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