King Bob and Boris-Eric







King Bob gets rewarded.


King Bob: Let's see what's on YouTube.

Boris (from computer): Caillou and Rosie, how dare you kill Daniel Tiger?! Now you made Daisy cry!

King Bob: Oh my Goodness! Daisy causes trouble for Caillou and Rosie! That's it! I'm going to to kill Daisy! 

(at the Anderson residence)

Boris: As for your punishment, you will be forced to watch Daniel Tiger from now on!

King Bob: Stop right there!

Boris: Who are you?!

King Bob: Robert Cartwright AKA King Bob! I'm going to kill Daisy because she causes trouble for Caillou and Rosie! I also hate Cody, Lily, Agnes, Amanda and all the others who cause trouble for Caillou and Rosie!

Boris: In addition, Tara is also an idiot! She's one of the worst girls and worst 6th graders of Third Street School ever and she whomps!

King Bob: Excuse me?! You don't EVER call my girlfriend an idiot or say she whomps! 

Boris: I can say whatever I want about your girlfriend! Also, saying someone whomps is in the public domain!

King Bob: That is it! I'm going to kill Daisy!

Caillou: Hooray!

Rosie: We're saved from that stupid ginger brat!

Boris: Caillou and Rosie, are you on King Bob's side?!

Caillou: If you kill Daisy, you will be rewarded by your parents.

Daisy: No no no no no no no no no no no!

(Daisy is dead)

Boris: Hey! You just killed Daisy! (SP sound effect) You b******!

(at home)

Jason: Robert, we can't believe you killed Daisy. She was one of the worst girls who cause trouble for Caillou and Rosie. 

Victoria: We also respect your opinion since your girlfriend Tara is one of the best girls and best 6th graders of Third Street School ever. 

King Bob: I care about her and she and I go out on a date. When we get old, we'll get married and we'll have a palace in the entire city and Tara will be my queen.

Jason: You are now ungrounded forever. You can have fun with Tara. 

King Bob: Thanks Mom and Dad. You're the best.

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