King Bob-Eric

Security Guard-Daniel

Captain "Brad" Bradley-Steven


King Bob's mom-Kimberly


King Bob decides to help Captain "Brad" Bradley and then, he takes Captain Brad to a therapist.


At the town, King Bob had a plan. 

King Bob: I'm going to save Captain Brad from the insane hospital.

King Bob went off to the mental hospital, and then he arrived at the insane hospital to enter it. At the hospital ward, Captain Bradley was upset.

Captain Brad: Curse that accursed Skeens! He always causes trouble for me, King Bob and our friends! I must think of something!

Outside the ward, the security guard was panicking. 

Security Guard: Help! Help! A king has taken over the bridge! A king has taken over the bridge!

King Bob broke down the door, and he rushed over to Captain Brad's aid.

King Bob: King Bob to the rescue! 

Captain Brad: Oh, Your Majesty, King Bob! Thank goodness you're here! Get me out of here!

King Bob: No problem!

So King Bob helped Captain Brad escape from the insane hospital and finally he succeeded.  

Captain Brad: Your Majesty, thank you for saving me from that insane hospital.

King Bob: Now, to take you to a therapist.

So King Bob took Captain Brad to the therapist. 

15 minutes later, King Bob had brought Captain Brad to the therapist. The therapist was helping Captain Brad. 

Therapist: Now, Brad say after me: If I am angry.

Captain Brad: If I am angry.

Therapist: I will not use club.

Captain Brad: I will not use club.

Therapist: And if a police officer catches me.

Captain Brad: And if a police officer catches me.

Therapist: I will calmly tell him that I have autism.

Captain Brad: I will calmly tell him that I have autism.

Therapist: Now I will hypnotize you to be in that state.

Then Captain Brad felt better. 

Captain Brad: Thank you.

Therapist: You're welcome. 

King Bob: Brad, go tell your parents about my heroic deed. 

Captain Brad: Yes, King Bob!

Back home, King Bob's parents were proud of King Bob.

King Bob's dad: Robert, thank you for saving Captain Brad from the insane hospital. You are now ungrounded. Captain Brad's parents told me everything. 

King Bob's mum: You can hang out with Tara whatever you want. 

King Bob: Thanks, mom and dad.

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