King Bob-Eric

Bowser-Scary Voice

Ice Princess-Julie

Bowser Jr-Brian

Dark Bowser-Alan

Jason Cartwright-Dallas


I wish that every Dark Bowser doesn't  have any siblings.


King Bob: Let's see what's on YouTube.

Bowser (from computer): You killed Barney! That was Bowser Jr's favorite TV show!

Ice Princess (from computer): Thanks to him, now you made him cry!

King Bob: Are you serious?! Dark Bowser needs to be the only child in this family! I'm going to teach Bowser Jr a lesson!

(at Dark Bowser's house)

Bowser: And as a punishment, you will watch Barney from now on!

Dark Bowser: No Dad! Not Barney!

King Bob: Stop right there!

Bowser: Who are you?!

King Bob: Robert Cartwright but you can call me King Bob! As for you Bowser Jr, I hate it when you're the brother of Dark Bowser! I wish you had cancer!

Bowser Jr: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Bowser: King Bob, how dare you wish cancer on my son?! Now you made him cry even more!

King Bob: He's not your son anymore! Take him out of this family right now! I also want Baby Bowser and Baby Ice Princess disowned as well!

(15 minutes later)

Dark Bowser: There! No siblings, no being grounded!

(at King Bob's house)

Jason Cartwright: Robert, thank you for wishing cancer on Bowser Jr and for making Dark Bowser the only child. You are now ungrounded. You can hang out with Tara whenever you like.

King Bob: Thanks Dad. You're the best.

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