In the cafeteria of Third Street School, Kurst the Worst walked up to Lunchlady Irma.

Lunchlady Lady: Can I help you?

Kurst: Yes! Can I please have two hotdogs, chips, a donut and some apple juice, please?

Then Lunchlady Irma gave Kurst two hotdogs, chips, a donut and some apple juice.

Lunchlady Irma: Here you go!

Kurst: Thanks!

Then Kurst went off to find a seat. Then Kurst found a seat, and ate two hotdogs, chips and a donut all up and drank some apple juice all up. 

Kurst: Wow! That was yummy! 

Then Kurst saw something in the kitchen, and then she entered the kitchen. Kurst walked towards the refrigerator, and she opened it. 

Kurst: Hey look! More junk food! I'm going to eat them right now!

Then Kurst grabbed some junk food and she ate them all up. 

Kurst: That was so good and yummy as well! 

Then Kurst started to grow fat, much to her horror. Kurst was still a fat girl, really. 

Kurst: Oh no! What's happening to me? 

Then Kurst got as fat as ever. 

Kurst: Oh my god! I'm fat! 

Then Kurst realised something. 

Kurst: That actually felt great! Now it's time to steal people's junk food! 

Then Kurst left the kitchen, and then she was about about go out to the Third Street Playground. But she got stuck through the door. 

Kurst: Oh no! I'm stuck!

Later, after Kurst got unstuck, Kurst the Worst had a naughty plan. 

Kurst: Now that I'm out, it's time to steal junk food from people! Here I go!

Then Kurst went off to steal people's junk food. Kurst saw Ashley A with a bag of cookies. Then Kurst stole a big of cookies from her. Ashley A was angry. 

Ashley A: Hey! Give me back my bag of cookies!

Kurst ate some cookies all up, and she saw Swinger Girl with a slice of pizza. Then Kurst stole a slice of pizza from Swinger Girl. Swinger Girl was angry. 

Swinger Girl: Hey! That slice of pizza is mine!

Kurst ate a slice of pizza all up, and she saw Randall Weems with a chocolate bar. Then Kurst stole a chocolate bar from Randall. Randall was angry.

Randall: You idiot! Give me back my chocolate bar!

Kurst ate a chocolate bar all up, and she saw Ashley B with a donut. Then Kurst stole a donut from Ashley B. Ashley B was angry. 

Ashley B: Hey! Give me back my donut, you fattie!

Kurst ate a donut all up, and she saw Menlo with a hotdog. Then Kurst stole a hotdog from Menlo. Menlo was angry. 

Menlo: How dare you! Give me back my hotdog, you piece of crap! 

Kurst ate a hotdog all up, and she saw Ashley Q with some popcorn. Then Kurst stole some popcorn from Ashley Q. Ashley Q was angry. 

Ashley Q: How dare you! Give me back my popcorn! 

Kurst ate some popcorn all up, and she saw TJ Detweiler with a hamburger. Then Kurst stole a hamburger from TJ. TJ was angry. 

TJ: Excuse me! But that's my hamburger! Give it back to me right now!

Kurst ate a hamburger all up, and she saw Phil with some fries. Then Kurst stole some fries from Phil. Phil was angry. 

Phil: Hey! Get your own fries, you food stealer!

Kurst ate some fries all up, and she saw Gretchen Grundler with the ice cream. Then Kurst stole the ice cream from Gretchen. Gretchen was angry.

Gretchen: Hey! Give me back my ice cream right now!

Kurst ate some ice cream all up, and she saw Hustler Kid with some soda. Then Kurst stole some soda from Hustler Kid. Hustler Kid was angry. 

Hustler Kid: Hey! I was in the middle of drinking my soda!

Kurst drank some soda all up, and she saw Mikey Blumberg with a bucket of chicken legs. Then Kurst stole a bucket of chicken legs from Mikey. Mikey was angry. 

Mikey: What the crap?! Give me back my bucket of chicken legs! 

Kurst ate some chicken legs all up, and she saw Ashley T with a burrito. Then Kurst stole a burrito from Ashley T. Ashley T was angry. 

Ashley T: What?! Give me back my burrito right now! 

Kurst ate a burrito all up, and she saw Geoffrey with onion rings. Then Kurst stole some onion rings from Geoffrey. Geoffrey was angry. 

Geoffrey: Hey! That's my onion rings! Give them back! 

Kurst ate some onion rings all up, and she saw Spinelli with a milkshake. Then Kurst stole a milkshake from Spinelli. Spinelli was angry. 

Spinelli: Hey! Get your own milkshake, you big fat meanie!

Kurst drank some milkshake all up, and she saw Cornchip Girl with Lay's potato chips. Then Kurst stole Lay's potato chips from Cornchip Girl. Cornchip Girl was angry.

Cornchip Girl: Hey! Give me back my Lay's potato chips! 

Kurst ate Lay's potato chips all up, and she saw Gus Griswald with Cheetos. Then Kurst stole Cheetos from Gus. Gus was angry. 

Gus: What the?! Give me back my Cheetos!

Kurst ate Cheetos all up, and she saw King Bob with Nacho Cheese Doritos. Then Kurst stole Nacho Cheese Doritos from King Bob. King Bob was angry.

King Bob: You jerk! Give me back my Nacho Cheese Doritos. 

Kurst ate Nacho Cheese Doritos all up, and she saw Vince LaSSao with Cool Ranch Doritos. Then Kurst stole Cool Ranch Doritos from Vince. Vince was angry.

Vince: Dude! Those Cool Ranch Doritos are mine!

Kurst ate Cool Ranch Doritos all up, and she saw Miss Finster with a burrito. Then Kurst was about to steal it from Miss Finster, and Miss Finster grabbed her, much to her shock. 

Miss Finster: Oh no you don't! Kurst, how dare you steal people's junk food and gain some weight after eating a lot of the junk food?! That's it! Go to Principal Prickly's office right now!

Then Kurst walked off to Principal Prickly's office. Later, Kurst entered Principal Prickly's office. 

Principal Prickly: Say, Kurst? What brings you here?

Kurst: I stole people's junk food and gained some weight after eating a lot of the junk food!

Principal Prickly was shocked, and he was furious.

Principal Prickly: Kurst, I'm very disappointed in you for stealing people's junk food and gaining some weight after eating a lot of the junk food. You know you're not supposed to do that. This is a very serious situation, a very serious situation indeed! We don't ever steal people's junk food in school! You see stealing people's junk food undermines authority. It demonstrates impertinence, disrespect, laziness. You know it's naughty to steal people's junk food! That's it, I'm calling your parents! You're suspended for two weeks! Go home right now!

Then Kurst went home in disgrace, and Principal Prickly began to call Kurst's parents.

Principal Prickly: Hello, Kurst's parents! This is Principal Prickly speaking! Your daughter just stole people's junk food, and not only that, she gained some weight after eating all of the junk food. Can you please pick her up? Okay! Goodbye!

Back home, Kurst's parents were furious with Kurst. 

Kurst's dad: Kirsten, we can't believe you stole junk food from other people and ate a lot of the junk food that made you gain weight! That's it! 

Kurst's mum: You are grounded, grounded, grounded for three weeks! 

Kurst's dad: And there will be no more junk food for you until you lose all of that fat in your body which will take several weeks! 

Kurst's mum: Go to bed right now!

Then Kurst went up to her room, crying.

Kurst: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Kimberly as Kurst the Worst 

Grace as Lunchlady Irma 

Emma as Ashley Armbruster 

Princess as Swinger Girl

Eric as Randall Weems, TJ Detweiler, Phil and King Bob 

Amy as Ashley Boulet and Gretchen Grundler 

Paul as Menlo and Vince LaSSao 

Allison as Ashley Quinlan

Dave as Hustler Kid 

Joey as Mikey Blumberg 

Salli as Ashley Tomassian 

Brian as Geoffrey 

Julie as Spinelli 

Kayla as Cornchip Girl 

Evil Genius/David/Zack as Gus Griswald 

Wiseguy as Miss Finster and Principal Prickly

Diesel as Mr Kurst (Kurst's dad) 

Susan as Mrs Kurst (Kurst's mum)

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