Kimberly as Kurst the Worst

Miss Finster and Principal Prickly-Wiseguy



Mr Kurst (Kurst's dad)-Diesel

Mrs Kurst (Kurst's mum)-Susan


Miss Finster: Okay class, it's time to watch Doble Kara.

Mundy: Seriously?! Another movie made in the Philippines?! Show us something else Muriel!

Skeens: I agree with Mundy!

Miss Finster: Excuse me, Mundy, did you just call me by my given name?!

Mundy: I did because Skeens and I hate Filipino movies. The Ashleys force us to do that.

Miss Finster: Conrad Mundy, you do not address teachers by their given name! You have been warned! Don't do it again or else you're going to Principal Prickly's office! Am I clear?

Mundy: Crystal.

Miss Finster: Sorry but these kids don't want to see a Filipino movie. Anyways, let's see Inside Out.

Kurst: No!

Miss Finster: Who said that?!

Kurst: I did! That movie has to do with feelings! Let's watch Downfall!

Miss Finster: We are not seeing Downfall! We are seeing Inside Out and that's a capital final!

Kurst: Whatever, you moron! You need to get a life!

Miss Finster (angrily): That's enough! Kurst, you have earned yourself a one way ticket to Principal Prickly's office! How dare you call me a moron?! 

(at office)

Principal Prickly: Kurst, why are you here at this time?

Kurst: Because I called Miss Finster a moron.

Principal Prickly: Listen here! You do not ever call anyone a moron in school! That's it! You're suspended for 10 days! Go home now!

(at home, Kurst's parents scolded Kurst)

Kurst's dad: Kirsten, we can't believe you called your teacher a moron!

Kurst's mum: You should know better that calling anyone a moron is rude!

Kurst: But mum and dad, I really hate Inside Out.

Kurst's dad: Well, you should have excused yourself and taken a break! That's it! You are grounded grounded grounded for 12 days!

Kurst's mum: Go to your room now!

(Kurst went up to her room, crying)

Kurst: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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