• Kylo Ren: Gelman how dare you download The Happytime Murders on Netflix?! That's it, you're grounded grounded grounded until I find the name of Episode IX! Go upstairs now!
  • (Gelman runs in angry)
  • Kylo Ren: Yes! I finally grounded Gelman!
  • [Gelman and his father appear outside]
  • Gelman: There he is, that young dark lord just grounded me!
  • [then Gelman's father looked angry at Gelman]
  • Gelman's dad: You got that right, Kylo Ren grounded you because he found out that you downloaded The Happytime Murders on Netflix! Go to bed!
  • Gelman: (Finn's Scream NOOOOOO)
  • Gelman's dad: Thanks for grounding my son.
  • (at home)
  • Darth Vader: Kylo Ren, I can't believe you grounded Gelman for downloading The Happytime Murders on Hulu which means you're ungrounded.
  • Kylo Ren: My good mood isn't ruined after all, grandfather.


Alan as Kylo Ren 

Joey as Gelman

Simon as Gelman's dad

Scary voice as Darth Vader

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