Outside the supermarket, Lawson was asking his dad.

Lawson: Hey dad, can we go to Domino's Pizza?

Lawson's dad: No Erwin, we are not going to Domino's Pizza. We are going to the supermarket to buy things that we need. 

Lawson: But I don't want to go to the supermarket, I want to go to Domino's Pizza.

Lawson's dad was stern. 

Lawson's dad: No Erwin, we are not going to Domino's Pizza. We are going to the supermarket. 

Lawson started raving. 

Lawson: (in Kidaroo voice) No! I don't want to go to the supermarket! I want to go to Domino's Pizza!

Lawson's dad: Erwin, stop acting like a spoiled brat! Or else you will be grounded!

Lawson: (in Kidaroo voice) I don't care about being grounded! I care about Domino's Pizza! If you don't let me go to Domino's Pizza! I will destroy the buildings!

Lawson's dad: We are still not going to Domino's Pizza!

In response, Lawson started to grow big as a giant, much to his dad's horror. Lawson had grown bigger like a giant, and he was more aggressive. His voice was deeper like a giant voice. 

Lawson: (Scary voice) Stupid city!

Lawson began to go on a rampage, and stomped around the city. The UFO came towards Lawson.

Lawson: (Scary voice) Stupid UFO!

Lawson knocked the UFO out of the way, and he stopped off, and he was trotting like a giant. Lawson was destroying the library.

Lawson: (Scary voice) Stupid library!

Then Lawson was destroying the buildings. 

Lawson: (Scary voice) Stupid buildings!

At the supermarket, Lawson's dad was furious and was throwing a fit as Lawson was growing back to his normal size while crying.

Lawson's dad: Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! Erwin, how dare you destroy the entire city! Now let's go home right now!

At home, Lawson's dad was very disappointed with Lawson.

Lawson's dad: Erwin, I can't believe that you destroyed the entire city! You are lucky that you're not in jail! That's it, you are grounded, grounded, grounded for six weeks! And while you are grounded, you will not go to Domino's Pizza or eat any pizzas at all! Now go to your room and don't come out until six weeks are over!

Lawson went to his room, crying. 

Lawson: Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Eric as Lawson

Wiseguy as Mr Lawson (Lawson's dad)

Kidaroo as Lawson's angry voice 

Scary voice as Lawson's giant voice and Lawson's dad's angry voice

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