In Lawson's bedroom, Lawson was hearing his father calling.

Lawson's dad: Erwin, it's time for you to go to school, and I don't want to hear you talk back to me at all or you're grounded! 

Lawson started to leave his room.

Lawson: Oh! Fine dad! 

Lawson went off to school. Later, he reached school and he went inside it. Then he went into Miss Finster's classroom, and then he took his seat and he was sitting next to Morris P. Hingle. Miss Finster had an announcement.

Miss Finster: Alright class, it's time for all of you.

Miss Finster looked annoyed at Lawson.

Miss Finster: Except for Lawson.

Miss Finster stopped getting annoyed.

Miss Finster: To see how well you did on this test. I will now pass out the greater test.

Miss Finster walked over to Lawson, Morris and Frank Sedgwick and passed out the greatest test to Morris and Frank. Morris had got an A+ on his test and Frank had got a B+ on his test. Miss Finster walked back to her desk, and Morris was feeling happy.

Morris: Yay! I got an A+! I'm so smart! 

Lawson: Oh you don't have to rub it in, Morris! 

Morris: Shut up Lawson! I wasn't trying to rub it in, you're just so mad that you got an F on your test and got grounded by your parents! 

Lawson argued with Morris, as Miss Finster and Frank were horrified. 

Lawson: Shut the freak up! You can't read my mind! And stop lying! You were secretly trying to rub it in! 

Morris: For the last time Lawson! I was not trying to rub it in! You can't read my mind either!  

Lawson had had enough of Morris bragging, and he stood up from the desk and he confronted Morris and lost his temper at him, much to his horror. 


Miss Finster was furious with Lawson, much to his horror.

Miss Finster: Congratulations Lawson! You just earned yourself a trip to Principal Prickly's office! Go now!

Lawson: But...

Miss Finster: Go! Now!

Lawson did as he was told, and he went off to Principal Prickly's office. Then he arrived in Principal Prickly's office, much to Principal Prickly's dismay.

Principal Prickly: Oh my god! It's you again! So Lawson? Tell me, what landed you here this time?

Lawson: I don't know why I'm here! Miss Finster is an idiot and her brain wasn't working right today! So she sent me here for no reason! 

Principal Prickly didn't believe Lawson, as Lawson was shocked. 

Principal Prickly: That is not true! Tell me what really happened!

Lawson: OK! Fine! Morris was bragging about his score on his test by saying 'Yay! I got an A+! I am so smart!' And since I got an F on the test. I told him that he didn't have to rub it in! Then Morris said that he's not trying to rub it in and I didn't believe him! So I yelled this for him! 

Principal Prickly: Okay, Morris may have be bragging a little. But you were clearly the one who made everything escalate. For this, you are suspended for two weeks. Go home right now.

Lawson went home in disgrace. Back home, Lawson's father scolded Lawson.

Lawson's dad: Erwin! Have you lost your mind from what I heard? You acted like a psycho in the classroom, and yelled and swore at Morris P. Hingle! You are grounded for 16 times of your suspension, so you are grounded for two weeks! Go to your room now!

Lawson did as he was told, and he went up to his room. Lawson felt indignant. 

Lawson: Man! I can't believe Morris got me suspended and grounded! Because over my life will suck for two weeks! You know what?! I think he needs a taste of his new medicine! Morris never gets in trouble! In fact, I don't think he's ever gotten in trouble in his entire stupid life! He should really get expelled or something! 

Then Lawson thought for a minute.

Lawson: Oh! I have an idea! I can get Morris expelled! It'll be so funny seeing the look on his face when Principal Prickly expels him! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! But first, I need to come up with a plan! 

After a while of thinking... Lawson felt thoughtful. 

Lawson: OK! I think I have my plans set up now! 

Lawson began to explain about his plans. 

Lawson: First, I will construct a remote control robot that looks just like Morris, then I will break into the school with the robot, and before anyone catches me, I'll highlight in the used locker or something. I will make the robot do something extremely bad, like destroy the bathroom area. Principal Prickly the school principal will then see the surveillance footage of the Morris robot destroying a bathroom. And the real Morris will be called to the office, then of course, he will be expelled. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! 

Lawson started to leave his room.

Lawson: First, I need to sneak off to the junkyard to get some parts for the robot! 

Lawson snuck out the window, and he went off to the junkyard. Lawson arrived at the junkyard. Later, Lawson entered the junkyard and he was looking at the junk. Then he saw a big box that said 'Free box of random parts - take it if you want'. 

Lawson: Huh?

Then Lawson read the sign on the box.

Lawson: 'Free box of random parts - take it if you want'. Wow! It looks like today is my lucky day! This is exactly what I need! I'll take it! 

Lawson picked up a box and he went back home, and then he entered the garage. Lawson was ready to construct a robot. 

Lawson: OK! Let's open up this box of parts and get working on the Morris robot! 

Lawson began to construct the robot by using some tools. Soon, Lawson had constructed a robot that looked like Morris! 

Lawson: Yay! The DIY Logic allowed me to build the robot almost instantly! 

Lawson picked up the Morris robot, and took it to school. 

Lawson: Now to sneak off to the school! 

Then Lawson sneaked into the school and then he stopped next to the lockers. Lawson was shocked. 

Lawson: Oh no! I have to hide before someone sees me!

Lawson put down the robot and quickly hid in one of the lockers. Lawson had got a controller.

Lawson: OK! Now I'll close the locker door! And put this controller! I'm going to make the fake Morris robot destroy the bathrooms! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! 

Lawson started controlling the robot. 

Lawson: Yes, I think it's working! 

The robot moved towards the bathroom, holding a hammer, and he was making a plan.

Robot: I'm going to destroy the bathroom area! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

The robot raised a hammer and destroyed the bathroom area. CRASH! Then the robot smashed the photocopier with a hammer.

In Principal Prickly's office, Principal Prickly had heard everything.

Principal Prickly rushed out of the office.

Principal Prickly: I think I just a loud crash from somewhere. I'd better go check to see what happened. 

Then Principal Prickly walked over to the bathroom area and the photocopier that was completely destroyed.

Principal Prickly: Oh my god!

Principal Prickly threw a fit. 

Principal Prickly: Ooooooooooooooooooooooh! Somebody destroyed the bathroom area! 

Then Principal Prickly walked off.

Principal Prickly: Whoever did this is going to be in super ultra huge mega big trouble! I'm going to check the surveillance footage right now!

Then Principal Prickly went back in his office, and he was ready to watch the surveillance footage.

Principal Prickly: Okay, let's catch the little brat that did this! I think I already know who it was, but let's watch the footage to be sure!

Then Principal Prickly started checking the surveillance footage. The scene of the Morris robot destroying the bathroom area was on. 

Robot: I'm going to destroy the bathroom area! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

The robot raised a hammer and destroyed the bathroom area. CRASH! Then the robot smashed the photocopier with a hammer.

Principal Prickly was horrified.

Principal Prickly: What the...?

Principal Prickly was indignant. 

Principal Prickly: No! I don't believe this! This has to be fake or something. Morris would never do something like this. 

Principal Prickly was feeling horrified. 

Principal Prickly: But wait a second! This footage couldn't have been taped with because I was sitting in the office with the  tapes all the time this was recorded.

In Miss Finster's classroom, the bell was heard, and Principal Prickly's voice was heard from the intercom.

Principal Prickly's voice: I need Morris in the office! 

Morris felt confused and he left the classroom and he went off to Principal Prickly's office. Then he entered Principal Prickly's office, and Principal Prickly was very annoyed with Morris.

Principal Prickly: Morris P. Hingle, I'm going to need you to take a seat. 

Morris: What's wrong Principal Prickly? Why do you look so angry? 

Principal Prickly: Well, it's because we have caught surveillance footage of you destroying the bathroom area of the school. 

Morris: I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about! When did this happen? 

Principal Prickly: Stop lying! Lying will only make things worse in this situation. Anyway, it happened just about ten minutes ago, at least that's when I heard the loud crash. 

Morris: I heard the crash too! We all did! I was in the classroom at that time! 

Principal Prickly: Stop lying! Maybe if I show you this footage, you will be given. Come over by me. 

Then Morris came over by Principal Prickly.

Principal Prickly: Now, let me play the footage. 

Morris and Principal Prickly began to watch the surveillance footage. 

Robot: I'm going to destroy the bathroom area! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

The robot raised a hammer and destroyed the bathroom area. CRASH! Then the robot smashed the photocopier with a hammer.

Morris started protesting.

Morris: But Principal Prickly, that isn't me! I promise you that I was in the classroom the whole time! 

Principal Prickly: Are you kidding me? That looks just like you. Morris P. Hingle, you have seriously vandalised the school, and for that, you're expelled from this school. Pack your things and get out! 

Then Morris went out of the office sadly. Then he went back in the classroom, and Miss Finster and Frank were horrified.

Miss Finster: Morris, what happened? Why are you crying? 

Morris: Principal Prickly says that I destroyed the bathroom area in this school, but I don't know what he's talking about! He says that I did it ten minutes ago! 

Miss Finster was annoyed.

Miss Finster: Ten minutes ago, you were in the classroom.

Miss Finster walked out of the classroom,

Miss Finster: I'm going to have a word with him about this.

Then Miss Finster entered Principal Prickly's office. 

Principal Prickly: Oh! Hi, Muriel! What brings you here? 

Miss Finster: Morris tells me that you expelled him from destroying the bathroom area of this school. 

Principal Prickly: Yes I did. What will give? 

Miss FInster: Well, Morris was in the classroom the entire time. 

Principal Prickly: Oh, so now you're lying to me too? I'm sorry, but we have the footage of him destroying it. The footage doesn't lie, now stop lying to me, or you will be fired! 

Miss Finster stormed off. 

Miss Finster: This is bullcrap! 

Back in Morris' house, Morris' father was extremely angry with Morris. 

Morris' dad: Morris, words cannot describe how disappointed I am with you right now! I thought I need my favourite reliable person! But no! 

Morris: Pop! I didn't do it! I was in the classroom when it happened! 

Morris' dad: Normally I would believe you, but they have video proofed you into this. I don't want to believe this is happening, but I can't deny it!   

Back in Third Street School, Miss Finster walked back in Principal Prickly's office, and she continued arguing with Principal Prickly. 

Miss Finster: Peter, I was just thinking it over, and there is no way. I repeat, no freaking possibly way that Morris could have done this!

Principal Prickly: What did I tell you about this?!

Miss Finster: I am not going to get fired because I am going to prove to you that Morris was in the classroom when all of this happened! I will prove you wrong!

Principal Prickly: No, more like I will prove you wrong. There are no surveillance cameras in the actual classroom, so let's watch the footage in the hallway captured right before this happened.

Then Miss Finster came over by Principal Prickly, and they began to watch the surveillance footage. The scene of Lawson starting to hide in the locker to control the robot was on. 

Lawson: OK! Now I'll close the locker door! And put this controller! I'm going to make the fake Morris robot destroy the bathrooms! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! 

Miss Finster and Principal Prickly had seen Lawson who was responsible of using the robot to frame Morris by getting him expelled. Principal Prickly began to rage.

Principal Prickly: Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh my freaking god! I am so sorry Muriel! I can't believe that Lawson actually did this! I will call his parents now! 

Back in Lawson's house, Lawson's dad was on a phone, feeling indignant,

Lawson's dad: He did what? Ooooooooooooooooooooh! Thank you for telling me! He will be so grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded for a month! 

(We see Lawson's dad angry with a firey background surrounding him)

Lawson's dad: (Scary voice) Erwin, Erwin, Erwin, Erwin, Erwin, Erwin, Erwin, Erwin, Erwin, Erwin, get over here right now now now now now now now now now now! 

Lawson rushed over to his dad.

Lawson: What is it dad?

Lawson's dad was furious with Lawson and threw a meltdown. 

Lawson's dad: Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Oh my freaking god! Erwin! I cannot believe you got Morris P. Hingle expelled and caused a bunch of mayhem! I, have, had, absolutely enough! You are grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded for a month big time! Go to your room right this instant! 

Lawson went to his room, crying. 

Lawson: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Back in Morris' house, Morris' dad was on a phone, feeling angry.

Morris' dad: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! Lawson is such a troublemaker! Thank you for telling me about this! 

Principal Prickly's voice from the phone: No problem! Again, we are so so sorry for the mistake! Bye! 

Morris' dad put down the phone, and he called to his son.

Morris' dad: Morris, come here! I've got great news!

Then Morris came to his dad.

Morris: Dad, what is it? 

Morris' dad: It turns out that it wasn't you after who destroyed the bathrooms. It was actually Lawson. 

Morris: I had a feeling it was him! He must have been in the school! But I still don't completely understand! How did Lawson make it look like I was the one destroying the bathrooms on the footage? 

Morris' dad: Well, I was told he made a robot that looked just like you, and he controlled it to destroy the bathrooms. 

Then Morris' dad regretted for his actions towards his son.

Morris' dad: I'm also sorry that I was so harsh on you earlier. And you will always be my favourite son. 

Then Morris' dad grinned, much to his son's delight.

Morris' dad: Anyway, the principal of your school said that you're now no longer expelled. Isn't that great?

Morris: Yes it is! I'm glad to be able to go to school again! 


Eric as Lawson

Wiseguy as Miss Finster, Principal Prickly and Mr Lawson (Lawson's dad)

Brian as Robot Morris and Morris P. Hingle

Dallas as Morris' dad

Kidaroo as Lawson's angry voice

Scary voice as Lawson's dad's angry voice

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