At Lawson's bedroom, Lawson was bored. Lawson: Man! I'm so bored! I wish there's something I can do. What shall I do?

Then Lawson thought of something. Lawson: I know! I will make a grounded video out of Fluttershy106! It's called Fluttershy106 Gets a Red Card and Gets Grounded! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! 

So Lawson got on the computer and turned it on. 

Lawson: Let's go to the Goanimate site!

Lawson went to the Goanimate site.

Lawson: Let's make the grounded video!

So Lawson began to make the grounded video out of Fluttershy106. Two minutes later, Lawson had finished it.

Lawson: There! Now let's preview it!

Then Lawson began to preview Fluttershy106 Gets a Red Card and Gets Grounded. 

(15 minutes later, back in Fluttershy106's house)

Fluttershy106 was on a computer. 

Me: I'm going to go on YouTube to see Davemadson's Bloopers. Hey! What's this?

(video begins)

Mr Wallace was announcing to his students. 

My teacher: Okay students, we will have behaviour cards today. We will have green to red. Best to worst. Here they are.

(Mr Wallace handed Phineas T. Ratchet and Dark Bowser green cards and a red card to Fluttershy106)

Ratchet: Yes! I got green!

Dark Bowser: So did I!

Me: Dang it! I got red!

My teacher: (Scary voice) That's right, Fluttershy106! Go home right now, unless you are expelled forever!

(at Fluttershy106's house)

(Fluttershy106's parents were furious with Fluttershy106)

My dad: Fluttershy106, how dare you get the red card?! You're grounded, grounded, grounded for two weeks!  

My mum: Go to your room now! 

Me (running upstairs): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (video ends)

Me: Oh my Goodness! Lawson just made a grounded video out of me! Instead of raging or finding some mace, I will dial his parents! I don't want to be sent to the insane hospital! (I pick up the phone) Hello, Fred and Evelin Lawson, this is Fluttershy106! Your son just made a video out of me! Please ground him when you see him! Thanks and goodbye!

(at the Lawson residence)

Mr. Lawson: Erwin, you're lucky Fluttershy106 didn't get sent to the insane hospital, but we got a call telling us that you made a grounded video out of him!

Lawson: So what?! He is the worst substitute principal ever!

Mrs. Lawson: That's no reason for you to do that! You are grounded grounded grounded for 24 days! Go to your room now!


Eric as Lawson

Dallas as Mr Wallace

Dave as Phineas T. Ratchet

Alan as Dark Bowser and My Dad (John)

Scary voice as Mr Wallace's angry voice

Wiseguy as Mr Lawson (Lawson's dad)

Kimberly as Mrs Lawson (Lawson's mum)

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