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  • (Lawson walks into the video store)
  • Lawson: May I have Blue's Clues Birthday Adventure on PC please?
  • Store Clerk: This is the last one in stock, here you go.
  • Lawson: Thanks.
  • (Back at home)
  • Lawson: Yay! I got Blue's Clues Birthday Adventure on PC, I'm going to play it right now!
  • (After the PC game)
  • Lawson: Wow! That was a funny game.
  • Lawson's Dad: Hey Erwin, I've got big news for. What is that Blue's Clues Birthday Adventure on PC?! Oh! (X29) Erwin, how dare you get Blue's Clues Birthday Adventure on PC? Blue's Clues Birthday Adventure is an educational video game for children from the ages of 3–6 years of age, and I told you not to buy anything which is for children from the ages of 3–6 years of age. And besides, you're too old for that. That's It! You're grounded for Giga Infinity.
  • Lawson: But dad, I liked the game. But you also said playing educational video games for children form the ages of 3–6 years of age is one of my punishments. 
  • Lawson's dad: I don't care what you think. I'm going to give this PC game to Mrs. Klemperer so she can give it to one of the kindergarteners from school Hector!
  • (Cut to: The Private Quarters)
  • (30 minutes later)
  • Lawson: They're all here!


Eric as Lawson

Paul as Store Clerk

Wiseguy as Mr Lawson (Lawson's dad)

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