Lawson: Man! We can't believe we got sent to our rooms and had being forced to watch Shimajirō and Disney Princess movies after going to Chuck E Cheese's while grounded. What shall we do?

Gelman: I know! We will kidnap Cynder in your room into knowing where our money is to buy The Happytime Murders.

Lawson: Good idea, Gelman.

[Meanwhile at Vyond City]

[Cynder is out for a walk in the city]

Cynder: Hey! Let me go! What's got into you?

[Cut to: Gelman and Lawson tying Cynder to a chair in the dungeon]

Lawson: (in Captain Underpants's voice): Now you are trapped! And Gelman, do you know where our money is?

Gelman: No, but we've got lots of tools to torture her into not telling us where our money is?

Lawson: Really?

Gelman: Yes. Really. We will give her a painful torture making a toothache. A really painful toothache. The one that we can use appliers, the wires, and the clips to attach to her tooth. And we can her scream and telling us the truth where our pocket money is.

Lawson: That's great. Now I will ask Sarah West where our money is.

[Gelman walks to Cynder]

Gelman: Cynder. We haven't got any money to buy The Happytime Murders on DVD. We really want some money for our parents to pay for the DVD. Can you tell me where our pocket money is?

[Cynder becomes angry]

Cynder: No!

Lawson: Why not?

Cynder: Because I don't know where your pocket money is!

Gelman: You don't know where our pocket money is? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I really like your attitude.

Lawson: Gelman, can you go and find something to make Sarah West tell us where our money is? I'll sort her out.

[Gelman walks in carrying two red feathers]

Lawson: I'm sure these feathers should work. These feathers might help you tell the truth.

[Lawson gives the other red feather to Gelman]

[Cynder becomes shocked]

Cynder: Don't do it! Not feathers! Anything but feathers. Keep those red feathers away from my feet. Put those feathers back. Hey hey hey! Don't do it! I swear! If you dare tickle my feet, you'll be in big trouble. Don't you dare tickle me. I am very serious. I am really really really really serious. Untie me. Hey! I'm still not telling you where your pocket money is!

Spyro: Stop right there!

Gelman: Oh no! It's Spyro, Toothless, Po & Gumball

[Spyro, Toothless, Po & Gumball walk in angry]

Spyro: Gelman and Lawson! We can’t believe you both kidnapped Cynder and tickled her feet into asking for pocket money! That’s it!

Gumball: Nobody kidnaps Cynder on our watch, we're gonna tell your fathers!

Gelman's Father: Gelman, how dare you kidnap Cynder?! That's it, you're grounded, grounded, grounded. MLP:FIM is out of Netflix!

Lawson's Father: Erwin, how dare you kidnap Cynder?! That's it, you're grounded, grounded, grounded/ MLP:FIM is out of Netflix!


Eric as Lawson

Joey as Gelman

Julie as Cynder

Young Guy as Spyro

Evil Genius/David/Zack as Gumball Watterson

Wiseguy as Mr Lawson (Lawson's dad)

Simon as Gelman's dad

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