Cast Edit

Lawson and various Baseball Players-Eric

Joey the Metal and various Baseball Players-Joey

Various Baseball Players-Paul

Various Baseball Players-Steven

Various Baseball Players-Evil Genius/David/Zack

Various Baseball Players-Young Guy

Various Baseball Players-Alan

Various Baseball Players-Dave

Various Baseball Players-Julie

Various Baseball Players-Kate

Various Baseball Players-Grace

Various Baseball Players-Kimberly

Various Baseball Players-Kendra

Various Baseball Players-Princess

Various Baseball Players-Kayla

Mr Lawson's voice (Lawson's dad's voice)-Wiseguy

Transcript Edit

Lawson: Man! This Baseball Game sucks. I know. I'll crash this game by grounding the Baseball Players!

(Lawson goes on the field to ground the Baseball Players)

Lawson: Baseball Players. You are grounded!

Baseball Players: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Joey the Metal: Hey! Don't ground the Baseball Players! You made them cry!

(Lawson goes up to Joey the Metal)

Lawson: Shut up!

(The crowd gets angry)

Joey the Metal: See? You angered the crowd! That's it! You are grounded! I'm pushing you to the field!

(Joey the Metal pushes Lawson to the field)

(Lawson starts screaming in pain as the crowd attacks him with weapons)


(Lawson is taken down)

Lawson: Ouch! (Audio from Team Homer) Oh, no, my brains. (Normal) Ow!

Joey the Metal: This is want you get for angering the crowd!

(Lawson finds himself in his room)

Lawson: Wait! This can't be happening!

(Lawson comes to his senses)

Lawson: Hold on! It was just a dream! Being beaten by the crowd for grounding the baseball players was a nightmare after all!

Mr. Lawson's voice: Erwin, I heard that you got your older sister Sharon sent to the Mental People's Homes for making grounded videos out of her!

Lawson: Good thing I didn't want a sister anyway, but I must confess to my father right now.

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