Lawson and Jack-Eric

Miss Finster, Mr. Lawson and Thaddeus T Third V-Wiseguy

Miss Lemon-Kate



Lawson gets in big trouble. Note: Thaddeus T Third V is taking part as the priest during the funeral scene.


At the lounge, Lawson's dad, Miss Finster and Miss Lemon were extremely angry with Mundy.

Mr. Lawson: You are grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded for getting suspended from school for a month. 

Miss Lemon: I will keep giving you extra detentions at school. 

Miss Finster: I will also give you tons of homework every day. 

Lawson: I don't care! I don't have to listen to all of you! I wish you two were dead!

Mr. Lawson: Excuse me?! You do not EVER threaten guests like that!

Lawson: I also forgot to tell you this.

Me: What is it?

Lawson: I went back to the zoo where I pushed AnimeGamer1 into the crocodile pit and killed the zookeeper.

(DUN DUN DUN plays)

Me: Erwin, how dare you kill the zookeeper?! You have severely violated one of the Lord's Ten Commandments, which is, "I shall not kill!"

Miss Finster: Thanks to you, without the zookeeper, no one is around to take care of the animals, feed the animals, or take any bully like you back home if he/she pushes any good person in the croccodile pit!

Mr. Lawson: We're going to his funeral!

Lawson: No! I will not go!

Mr. Lawson: Go there now!

Thaddeus T. Third V: We are gathered today to mourn the death of the Central Park Zoo's zookeeper. Now, Jack Walters will say something about his death.

Jack: When I took Kendra to the zoo, it was the best experience ever. I hope the zookeeper's grave is right next to my wife Gracie's. I hope he goes to Heaven.

(at the cemetery)

Lawson: Hooray! There is no more zookeeper who can take me home!

(DUN DUN DUN plays)

Mr. Lawson: Erwin, how dare you disrespect the zookeeper's funeral?! That's it! We're going home now!

(Lawson and his dad leave)

Me: Excuse me Miss Finster, but can I get some diapers?

Miss Finster: No, Fluttershy106, because Fred is already getting some for his son.

Me: I hope Lawson gets what he deserves.

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