Mr. Lawson-Wiseguy

Captain Brad and I-Steven

Lawson's angry voice-Kidaroo


Lawson gets in big trouble.


Lawson: Man, I can't believe TJ and the gang revived Stephanie Gavin! She always causes trouble!  What shall I do? 

Lawson thought of something.

Lawson: I know! I'm going to hit Stephanie in the head with a rocket! Hahahahahahaha! But first, I need to sneak off to the junkyard to get some parts for the missile launcher! 

Lawson went off to the junkyard, and then he arrived at the junkyard. Later, Lawson entered the junkyard and he was looking at the junk. Then he saw a big box that said 'Free box of random parts - take it if you want'. 

Lawson: Huh?

Then Lawson read the sign on the box.

Lawson: 'Free box of random parts - take it if you want'. Wow! It looks like today is my lucky day! This is exactly what I need! I'll take it! 

Lawson picked up a box and he was ready to construct a missile launcher. 

Lawson began to construct the missile launcher by using some tools. Soon, Lawson had constructed a missile launcher! 

Lawson: Yay! The DIY Logic allowed me to build the missile launcher almost instantly! 

Lawson picked up the missile launcher, and he left the junkyard. 

Lawson: Now to find Stephanie! 

Then Lawson went off to find Stephanie. Then he saw Stephanie walking along, and Stephanie was feeding birds. 

Lawson used the missile launcher and he targeted Stephanie's head.

Lawson: Time to launch the rocket from its launcher to hit Stephanie in the head in 3, 2, 1! Blast off! 

Lawson launched a rocket from the launcher. The rocket went out of control and it struck Stephanie in the head. Stephanie started screaming.


Stephanie collapsed to the ground, and she was dead. Blood spilt all over the floor. 

Lawson: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Now that's more I like it! Take that, Stephanie Gavin! From now on, no more causing trouble for Mundy nor getting my girlfriend Rachel in trouble! Never!

Just then, Captain Bradley came, much to Lawson's horror, and he was very angry.

Captain Brad: Lawson, how dare you hit Stephanie in the head with a rocket!? I just heard that you're going to do that! What's on your hand?

Lawson: Eh, I went to the junkyard to make a missile launcher, and I brought it here to launch a rocket to hit Stephanie in the head with it!

Captain Brad: Ooooooooooooooh! Lawson, I can't believe you killed Stephanie by hitting her in his head with a rocket! That's it, I will take you home and tell your parents about this!

Then Stephanie picked herself up on the floor, and she was howling like a zombie. 

Stephanie: Brain! Brain! Brain!

Lawson picked up a branch.

Lawson: Shut up!

Lawson hit Stephanie in her face and knocked her out. Stephanie was on the floor again. 

Captain Brad: Oh no! Stephanie is hurt! I can't believe you injured her on purpose! That's it, I will pull the rocket out of Stephanie's head!

Captain Brad pulled the rocket out of Stephanie's head. SPLASH! Blood splashed all over Captain Brad, and Captain Brad was furious.

Captain Brad: Right! That's it, I'm taking you home and tell your parents about this! I'm going to put the rocket back in Stephanie's head before the ambulance arrives! 

Captain Brad put the rocket back in Stephanie's head and sent Lawson home in disgrace. Back home, Rachel was sitting on a couch, crying, and Lawson's dad was dismayed. 

Mr. Lawson: Oh no! Not my son again! What did he do this time?

Captain Brad: Well, you're not going to be happy when I say this, Mr Lawson!

Lawson gets up from the couch.

Mr. Lawson: Sit back down and listen to Captain Brad!

Lawson: No!

Lawson picks up the couch.

Mr. Lawson: Put the couch down! I am not kidding around!

Lawson (Kidaroo's voice): I WILL PUT IT DOWN ALRIGHT!

Lawson throws the couch at Captain Brad.

Captain Brad: Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Lawson (Kidaroo's voice): THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR TAKING ME HOME!

Mr. Lawson: Erwin, you had to injure our guest and destroy our couch?!

Lawson: Yes! I had to injure Captain Brad because he is not welcome and I didn't like the couch either! For this, I'm taking you to Toontown!

Lawson was crafty because he had a bomb in his backpack.

Lawson: Take me there! You'll see if I care!

Me: That concludes part one of Lawson hits Stephanie in the head with a rocket. The next part, Lawson goes to Toontown. Will he escape or will it be a nightmare? Find out in Part 2.

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