Mr. Lawson and Thaddeus T. Third V-Wiseguy

Vice President-Simon


Mrs. Lawson-Kimberly



This is part 3.


Me: This is Fluttershy106 here again. So far, Lawson managed to escape and blow up Sellbot Headquarters despite being whipped by his father. Mr. Lawson is going to watch the news to see how much he needs to pay for the damages. Here we go.

At home, Mr. Lawson is standing up due to the couch being destroyed by his son.

Mr. Lawson: I'm going to watch the news.

The news appears much to Mr. Lawson's dismay.

Thaddeus T Third V: Hello, this is Thaddeus T Third V reporting. An explosion went off in Toontown near the Sellbot Headquarters. Folks are investigating what's going on. Right now. We're with the Vice President. Tell me what happened.

Vice President: Well, I was minding my own business until this time bomb rolled toward me out of nowhere. I picked it up and it blew up in my hands. Thankfully I survived the explosion. 

Thaddeus T Third V: Did you find the suspect?

Vice President: I couldn't because he got away.

Thaddeus T Third V: And that conculudes our news. If you find the suspect, you have to pay $120 for the damages.

Mr. Lawson was dismayed even more.

Mr. Lawson: What?! That's more than the price of our home! If I find that suspect, I will whip him a million times!

Mrs. Lawson walked downstairs.

Mrs. Lawson: Fred, what's going on?!

Mr. Lawson: Well Evelin, I was watching the news and saw that someone had blown up Sellbot Headquarters. Do you know who did that?

Mrs. Lawson: The one responsible for the damages looks familiar.

Mr. Lawson: Could it be our son Erwin?!

Mrs. Lawson: I think it is Erwin! Before he got sent there, he threw the couch at Captain Brad! Now he has to go to the hospital!

Lawson comes in wearing his bathing suit and his parents are mad.

Lawson: Why are you guys mad?

Mr. Lawson: Erwin, I watched the news and I heard that you were the one responsible for blowing up Sellbot Headquarters! Is this true?!

Lawson: Yes it is!

Mr. Lawson: Nice going Erwin!

Lawson: Thank you.

Mr. Lawson: I was being sarcastic! Because of you, now we have to pay for the damages you have done!

Mrs. Lawson: You should be ashamed of yourself!

Lawson: I don't want to be ashamed of myself!

Mr. Lawson: How dare you refuse to be ashamed of yourself and talk back to us?!

Lawson: I forgot to tell you.

Mr. Lawson: What is it?

Lawson: After escaping Sellbot Headquarters, I went swimming with my girlfriend Rachel.

Mr. Lawson: Oh my goodness! Erwin, how dare you go swimming with your girlfriend Rachel while grounded?! Now you're grounded even longer! Go to your room now!

Lawson (running upstairs): What do you think I will do next?! To be continued on waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Mr. Lawson: And stop stealing Boris the Teeth Guy's catchphrase!

Lawson (off-screen): It's in the public domain!

Mr. Lawson: Sheesh!

Lawson (off-screen): Shush the sheesh!

Then Lawson got into his room, and got into bed.

Lawson: Man! I can't believe I got foiled!

Then Lawson found himself back in bed, talking in his sleep. Then he woke up, and realised it was just a dream.

Lawson: Hey, I was talking in his sleep. I have a dream of hitting Stephanie in her head with a rocket, then injuring Captain Brad by throwing a couch at her, and then blowing up Sellbot Headquarters in Toontown. Rachel being turned into a 6-year old was a dream. After all, me and Rachel are the same age and we're fifth graders.

Then Lawson heard his dad calling.

Lawson's dad's voice: Erwin, I have been on a phone from TJ and the Gang! And he told me that you've been making fun of Stephanie's head injury since Rachel hit her in her head with a rocket! What do you say for yourself!

Lawson: Hmm, I've been ridiculing her in the hospital, seeing her in the operating room. But I must confess to my dad now.

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