In Lawson's room, Lawson was sitting on his computer.

Lawson: I'm going to make over a bootleg video game copy of Señor Fusion and I will sell it to Gamestop. And also, I will label it non pirated and I will sell it to the public.

So Lawson began to make a bootleg video game copy of Señor Fusion. Later, in Gamestop, TJ Detweiler walked along, and he spotted a new Señor Fusion video game. 

TJ: Hey! What's that? A new Señor Fusion video game?! Maybe I can buy it.

So TJ took the new Señor Fusion video game to the till.

Clerk: You want the new video game?

TJ: Yes I do?

Clerk: That'll be ten dollars!

TJ gave the ten dollar note to the clerk. 

Clerk: Thanks! Enjoy your new video game!

TJ: Thanks!

So TJ went out of Gamestop and he went home. When he got home, TJ was feeling excited.

TJ: I'm looking forward to play the new Señor Fusion video game.

So TJ set up his console, and then he put the disc into the console, and he started to play his new Señor Fusion video game. Then the logo screen appeared. Lawson appeared in it, announcing. 

Lawson: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! This has been the Erwin Lawson Video Game Presentation, in assocation with Whomptastic Entertainment. 

TJ was shocked, and he was furious. 

TJ: What the heck is this?! This is not the real copy! This is a bootleg video game made by Erwin Lawson Video Game Presentation! 

TJ thought of something.

TJ: I knew it! He made that video game! I am calling his parents about this!

Angrily, TJ picked up his phone and phoned Lawson's parents up.

Top Cat: Hello! Is this Lawson's parents?

Lawson's dad's voice: Yes, TJ Detweiler. What is Erwin up to?

TJ: Well, your son has made a bootleg copy of the Señor Fusion video game.

Lawson's dad's voice: What?! Oooooooooooooooooooooh! I'm going to give Erwin a roasting right now! Thanks for telling me about this! See you later, TJ! Bye! 

At Lawson's house, Lawson's parents were extremely angry with their son Lawson.

Lawson's dad: Erwin, I cannot believe you made over a bootleg copy of the Señor Fusion video game! You know doing that stuff is illegal! What the heck were you thinking?! Why? Why? Why?

Lawson: Because that I always labelled it non-pirated. I'm so sorry.

Lawson's dad: Apology denied! Your copy is pirated, and that's a capital final! That's it, you're grounded, grounded, grounded for a month! 

Lawson's mum: Now go to bed now!

Lawson went to bed, crying. 

Lawson: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

CAST Eric as Lawson and TJ Detweiler Wiseguy as Mr Lawson (Lawson's dad) Kimberly as Mrs Lawson (Lawson's mum)

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