Cast[edit | edit source]


Principal Prickly and Miss Finster-Wiseguy

Miss Lemon-Kate

Plot[edit | edit source]

This is what happened right after Lawson made a grounded video out of Principal Prickly.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Miss Finster: So Fluttershy106, how's it being the subsitute principal?

Me: It's fine. Also, I managed to recover from the wasp stings.

Miss Finster: Who put the wasp nest in your office?

Me: It was nothing but Chucko and his brother Cy.

Miss Lemon: If I see these two kids again, I will give them detention.

(phone rings)

Me: Who could that be?

Principal Prickly: Fluttershy106, I need to talk to you.

Me: What is it Peter?

Principal Prickly: Actually, I have to stay in the insane hospital for 12 weeks.

Me: How?

Principal Prickly: Two reasons. First, I attacked Sid the Science Kid when he was into my grounded series and second, I yelled at the doctor. That's why.

Me: How did Sid get sent here in the first place?

Principal Prickly: After Mundy called Sid the N word, he raged and tried to use mace to attack him. Good thing you used your words after Skeens made a grounded series out of you.

Me: Maybe, this will help calm you down.

(Beautiful Dreamer from Rugrats starts playing)

Principal Prickly: Thank you so much Fluttershy106. Now I'm all better.

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