At the village, Morris P. Hingle, Barry, Adam Abel, Butch, Knarf and Rodney were confronting Lawson.

Morris: Hey Lawson! Where's your new Yoshi's Woolly World game for the Wii U? 

Lawson: Um! I don't have it! 

Morris: Hey everyone! Lawson doesn't have the new Yoshi's Woolly World game for the Wii U! What a loser!

Morris, Barry, Adam, Butch, Knarf and Rodney began to laugh at Lawson. They kept on laughing at him, and suddenly Lawson got very angry. 

Lawson: (in Kidaroo voice) Stop laughing at me! Just because I don't have the new Yoshi's Woolly World game for the Wii U doesn't mean you have to laugh at me! I will get the new Yoshi's Woolly World game for the Wii U no matter what! 

Lawson stormed and then he went back home. Then he entered the lounge where his mum was waiting.

Lawson's mum: Welcome home Erwin! What's the matter? You look angry!

Lawson: Morris P. Hingle and his friends got the new Yoshi's Woolly World game for the Wii U, and made fun of me because I don't have the new Yoshi's Woolly World game for the Wii U! Can we please go to Gamestop and get the new Yoshi's Woolly World game for the Wii U? 

Lawson's mum: Yes! We can go to Gamestop! Let's go!

Then Lawson and his mum went out of the house and they got in the car. Then Lawson's mum drove her car on the way to Gamestop, and then Lawson and his mum reached Gamestop. They got out of the car.

Lawson's mum: Alright Erwin! We are here at Gamestop!

Lawson: Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Let's go in!  

So Lawson and his mum entered Gamestop, and Gus Griswald was there.

Lawson's mum: Alright Erwin! What would you like?

Lawson pointed at the Yoshi's Woolly World Wii U game next to the New Super Mario Bros U Wii U game. 

Lawson: I would like the new Yoshi's Woolly World game for the Wii U please! 

Lawson's mum seemed upset, and Lawson was dismayed.

Lawson's mum: Oh no! 85 dollars! I'm sorry Erwin! I don't have enough money to afford that game. 

Lawson: But mom! I really want that game so badly! And if I don't get that new Yoshi's Woolly World game for the Wii U. Everyone will continue to make fun of me! 

Lawson's mum pointed at the New Super Mario Bros U Wii U game

Lawson's mum: Hey! Why don't you get the New Super Mario Bros U Wii U game?! It only costs 40 dollars!

Lawson seemed offended. 

Lawson: Seriously! I don't care about that game! I really want that new Yoshi's Woolly World game for the Wii U! You better give me that game or I will punch you in the face! 

Lawson's mum was offended.

Lawson's mum: Hey! Erwin! Stop acting like a spoiled brat! You can either have the New Super Mario Bros U Wii U game, or you can nothing at all! Your choice! 

Lawson had an idea.

Lawson: (in Kidaroo voice) You know what! That's it! I am going to make an earthquake right now at Gamestop! 

Lawson jumped up and he slammed the floor violently by making an earthquake, much to his mum and Gus's horror. Gus began to escape to safety. 

Gus: Oh no! He made an earthquake! I better get out of here!   

Geoffery ran past TJ and Vince who were horrifed, and TJ and Vince heard the voice from the intercom.

Intercom: Attention, shoppers and retailers! An earthquake has started! Please leave right now!

Vince began to escape to safety. 

Vince: Come on TJ! Let's get out of here! 

TJ began to catch up with Vince.

TJ: I'm coming Vince! 

Spinelli, Gretchen and Mikey began to catch up with TJ, Vince and Gus.

Spinelli: Come on, Gretchen! Let's get out of here!

Gretchen: We better hurry before we die!

Mikey: We're coming TJ, Vince and Gus! 

TJ and the Gang got out of Gamestop to safety, Randall Weems and Menlo escaped from Gamestop. Randall was catching up with Menlo. 

Randall: Wait for me Menlo! I don't want to die! 

The Diggers ran out of Gamestop to safety, and Geoffrey and Swinger Girl ran out of Gamestop and escaped to safety.

At home...

Lawson was crying and Lawson's mum was feeling annoyed. Then Lawson's dad came. 

Lawson's dad: Hey Evelin! I'm home! What happened here? I can see Erwin crying. Don't tell me that he'd done something wrong. 

Lawson's mum: Well, you will be very furious when I say this. Erwin made an earthquake at Gamestop and destroyed it, just because I could not give him the new Yoshi's Woolly World game for the Wii U! And now we are banned from going to Gamestop for a month! 

Lawson's dad began to throw a fit and got furious with Lawson.

Lawson's dad: OoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! Oh my god Erwin! Why would you do a thing like that at Gamestop?! You know that doing that kind of stuff like that can get you arrested! Why? Why? Why would you do a thing like this?! That's it, you are grounded, grounded, grounded for a month! And I will call the cops on you when we ever end up on the news! Now get out of here and go to your room right now!

Lawson went to his room, crying.

Lawson: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Eric as Lawson, TJ Detweiler and Randall Weems

Brian as Morris P. Hingle

Kimberly as Lawson's dad

Evil Genius/David/Zack as Gus Griswald 

Dallas as Intercom

Paul as Vince LaSSao

Julie as Spinelli

Amy as Gretchen Grundler 

Joey as Mikey Blumberg

Wiseguy as Lawson's dad

Kidaroo as Lawson's angry voice

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