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Lawson's dad (Mr. Lawson)-Wiseguy

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This is the sequel to Codi talks Smack to Andrea.

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Lawson: Andrea, I'm sorry Codi talked smack to you. You are now ungrounded forever. You can do what you like.

(Andrea runs in excited)

Lawson: Yes! I ungrounded Andrea!

Andrea: Dad, Lawson just ungrounded me.

Simon: Erwin, how dare you unground Andrea?! That's it! Go home now!

(Lawson runs back home shocked)

Simon: And as for you Andrea, you are grounded grounded grounded for being ungrounded by Lawson!

Andrea: Dad, why are you treating me this way when Codi talked smack to me?! Please unground me and ground him right now!

Simon: Absolutely not! Go to your room now!

Andrea (running back in): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

(at home)

Mr. Lawson: Erwin, how dare you unground Andrea?! You know you can't do that!

Lawson: But Dad, it really ticks Andrea off when her brother talks smack to her so that's why I ungrounded her.

Mr. Lawson: I don't care! You still have no right to unground Andrea! You are grounded for 12 days! As for this, you will watch Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures!

Lawson: Oh no! I hate that show!

Mr. Lawson: Too bad! Watch it or else you're grounded for 24 days!

(in Lawson's room)

Lawson: Well, it looks like I have to spend 12 days watching Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures! Worst day ever!

(then he cries in Bernard's voice, French)

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