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This begins with a quick update.


Me: Hi. It's Fluttershy106 with another update. You've heard of Troublemaker Dora.

Troublemaker Dora: Hi, I'm Troublemaker Dora. I will be getting a grounded series along with the Recess enemies.

Me: However, Swiper the Fox will get a grounded series. Here it is.

Swiper: Hi, I'm Swiper. I will be getting a grounded series along with the Recess enemies.

Dora: Hi, I'm the good Dora. I will be Swiper's guardian. 

Me: And that was Swiper and his guardian. Anyways, on with the video.

Lawson: Swiper, you are ungrounded forever. You can do what you like.

(Swiper runs in excited)

Lawson: Yes! I ungrounded Swiper!

Swiper: Dora, I got ungrounded by Erwin Lawson.

Dora: No! You are still grounded for swiping King Bob's lunch! Go to your room now!

Swiper (in his sound clip): Oh man!

Dora: Lawson, how dare you unground Swiper?! That's it! I'm calling your father!

(As Lawson leaves, Dora calls Mr. Lawson)

Mr. Lawson's voice: This is Fred Lawson. Is it about my son?

Dora: This is Dora Marquez, Swiper's guardian, and yes, it's about your son.

Mr. Lawson's voice: What did he do?

Dora: He ungrounded my enemy Swiper. Please ground him.

Mr. Lawson's voice: He did what?! That is it! I will ground him!

(at home)

Mr. Lawson: Erwin, how dare you unground Swiper the Fox?! He is one of the worst baby show enemies people know!

Lawson: But Dad, I like Swiper because he's like me.

Mr. Lawson: Who cares?! Your mother and I hate him because he's a thief! You're grounded grounded grounded for 12 days! This means you will watch Dora the Explorer from now on and if you call Nick Jr to replace the good Dora with her evil clone, you will be grounded for 24 days!

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