Lazy Kid-Duncan

Clerk (Mundy)-Eric

Boss (Fred)-Paul

Lazy Kid's dad-Dave


Note: The part where Mundy gets fired is similar to Caillou finds out about Cody and Daisy.


Lazy Kid: I'm going to Burger King.

Mundy: What can I get you?

Lazy Kid: I would like 10 Chicken Nuggets, 20 French Fries, 30 Cokes, and 40 Milkshakes.

Mundy: Here you go.

Lazy Kid: Thanks.

(Lazy Kid eats the food, then gets fat)

Lazy Kid: Oh no! I'm fat! What will my dad say about this?!

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Fred: Conrad, get over here right now!

Mundy: What is it Mr. Baconmaker?

Fred: How dare you get one of your customers fat?! That's it! You're fired!

Mundy: But Mr. Baconmaker, I...

Fred: FIRED!

Mundy (while walking out): What will Dad say about this?!

(at home)

Lazy Kid's dad: Richard, I can't believe you got fat at Burger King! You know eating that much food isn't good for you! You are grounded until you stop eating too much food! Go to your room now!

Lazy Kid: (in Nathan Explosion’s voice) Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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